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“Juicy” hikes in entrance fees at Greece’s archaeological sites

Greece will raise the entrance fees to its archaeological sites and museums …because the country needs money and some so-called “equivalent measures” to avoid cuts or Value Added Tax hikes.  But also because in some museums visitors have allegedly “asked for the entrance fees to rise.”

The hikes are ‘juicy’ and will be prohibitive for the majority of austerity- and recession-hit Greeks.

With the new prices, someone who will want to visit Acropolis will have to pay €20 euro and €10 for the discount tickets – current prices are €12 and €6 respectively.

The hikes will be implemented as of 1.January 2016 even though they will be valid for the tourist season from April to October. There are considerations that in the winter months the entrance fees are down at 50% so that Greeks will be able to visit the country’s archaeological sites and museums.

The hikes have been reportedly calculated and will be implemented in archaeological sites with the highest percentage of visitors. The fee for the Knossos site, for example, will rise from €6 and €3 discount ticket to €15 and €8 respectively.

Entrance fees for museums will rise too, depending on whether they are favorite by visitors or not. Entrance fee for Greece’s top National Archaeological Museum will rise from 7 and 3 euro to 10 and 5 euro.

There are considerations to keep the free admissions to museums on the first Sunday every month.

Of course, officially the hikes will have to do with the improvement of the services, like installation of facilities for electronic tickets.

Dimitris Athanasoulis, Inspector for the Antiquities on the Cyclades are stressed that the hikes will have immediate reciprocity for the proper operation of the museums. He and also other members of the Central Archaeological Council underlined the need for improvement saying that also “visitors writing in guest books have called for hikes in entrance fees.”

Ι cannot tell you whether the additional revenues will all go for the services improvement. Fact is that some 10 days ago, Culture Minister Aristidis Baltas had claimed that ‘entrance fees hikes will be implemented as equivalent measures in order to scrap the 23% Value Added Tax in Education.” In the previous SYRIZA-ANEL government, Baltas was the Minister for Education.

I also do not know whether the revenues from the archaeological hikes will manage to fill the hole if the 23% V.A.T. in education will be scrapped. Yet, Greek media reported today that Greece will need to find more than 170 million euro if education is exempted from V.A.T.

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  1. Haha I time myself to go to the Acropolis or Posidonio Temple (sounion) to go on the ‘free days’. I think there are about 10 free days to go a year?

    So i never pay for the sites, I just check when it is free and go then. So let’s hope they don’t remove the free admission days as well!

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      They’ll remove it only for employers and let instead in for free every day poor European school kids but therefore a last century style exchange program must get created by European unions and parties and employers called “Visit Friends In Europe”.