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Great achievement after 5.5 austerity years: “36% of Greeks at risk of poverty”

Thousands of austerity measures, dramatic cuts in incomes, incredible hikes in taxes. Five and a half years in deep recession. Three bailout agreements. And where do Greeks stand now? On top of the Eurozone when it comes to poverty. More than one out of three Greeks, that is “36% of the Greek population is at risk of poverty and social exclusion,” the EUROSTAT found out. the highest rate within the Euro Zone.

The EUROSTAT data were released on the occasion of International Day for the Eradication of Poverty which is ‘celebrated’ yearly on October 17th.

What means poverty? Not enough food on the table, no adequate warm home in winter, difficulties to cover basic needs and pay utilities and health care, just to name a few.

Oh and here is the Statistics we love: also the inability to afford to pay for one week annual holiday away from home.

According to European union “directives’ poor is an individual or a family with available income of less than 500 euro per month. It can be 480 euro or Zero Euro.

The detailed EUROSTAT poverty data is here.

I think I remember that the rate of Greeks at risk of poverty and social exclusion was at 3o% and 33% in the last two years. No surprise, it increased.

I hope the IMF, the EU and Germany do not screw Greeks with their austerity experiments just for the sake of feeding statistics agencies with data figures . :p

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