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Schaeuble: There can be “no let-out” for Greece over the Refugees Crisis

Ah, No! What if Greece is struggling with the economic crisis and in addition with the huge refugees problem. Germany remains Germany and sticks to the rules and the books. There cannot be “additional let-outs for Athens,” the German Finance Ministry warned on Friday ‘seeing’ plenty of flexibility in the summer bailout agreements.

Debt agreements with the Greek government of Prime Minister Alexander Tsipras are flexible enough and there will be no additional let-out as Athens copes with an influx of migrants, a spokesman for German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Friday.

Martin Jaeger told reporters there was “plenty of flexibility” in the accord reached in July between Athens and European partners.

“We were very generous to Greece,” he said. “In summer we had a debate about whether the Greeks should be made to do more. Back then we said, no, we‘ll let the memorandum stand and nothing over and above the memorandum will be demanded of the Greeks.

“Conversely, that means the Greeks must fulfil the memorandum. We can‘t allow any let-outs.”

Germany also saw no grounds to alter the Stability and Growth Pact which is one of the fundamental documents of the euro currency union.

In individual cases, as with Austria, extra spending to cope with the migration crisis might be taken into account “and there was no reason why this might not apply to Greece.” (dpa via europeonline-magazine)

Sybilla spoke. The oracle of Berlin gave the vague directions.

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  1. “We were very generous to Greece,”
    Uuuhh no, the EU taxpayers was very generous to German banks when they got a bailout. Not that the taxpayers were asked or something.
    I guess there is no other option for Greece then to “let the refugees/migrants out”. Let them go to Mutti, she invited them in after all.

  2. You can be sure that the criminal in a wheelchair is one of those opposed to helping the refugees — and opposed to the policies of Merkel on that issue. It is also very likely that he is one of the far right voices clamouring for Greece to be turned into one large refugee camp, so that no refugees ever reach northern Europe.

    Once you allow criminals to gain political power, there is no end to hte evil that they can and will do.