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Tsipras’ party calls on people to join anti-austerity general strike, Nov 12/2015 ( +strike schedule)

It is not only the workers and trade unions of the public and private sectors that have urged people to join the general 24-hour strike on Thursday, November 12 2015. It is also left-wing SYRIZA the party of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that urged Greeks to go on the streets and protest against the “extreme neoliberal policies” imposed by the country’s creditors.

In a statement uploaded on official website of SYRIZA, the Department of Labor Policy describes the austerity measures demanded by creditors as “theater of the absurd,” and the the “people’s struggle against the anti-social, extreme neoliberal policies continue even more dynamically. We assert our fundamental rights at work, the effective restoration of collective labor agreements, maintaining the social and redeeming character of insurance, the protection of the first residence [from the foreclosures], decent wages and pensions, health and education for all.”

SYRIZA’s strike support triggered a strong and certainly funny reaction with Greeks wondering whether PM Tsipras will be on strike tomorrow, whether he will join the protest rally, whether “after the strike the government will submit a confidence motion against the government” or if  “members of Syriza will occupy the Prime Minister’s office.”

Ok, Tsipras may be still in Malta for the EU Summit for the Refugee Crisis, but Greeks will be in Greece and they plan to stage protest rallies in several cities across the country.

On strike will be:

Public services and municipalities, Museums and Archaeological sites.

Public hospitals will wok with emergency staff.

State media.

Seamen and port employees (no ferries and boat service)

Athens Transport:

Blue Buses (OASA) and Trolley buses will operate 9 am – 9 pm

Tram & Urban Train ISAP will operate 10 am – 4 pm

Workers at Trainose, Proastiakos and Metro (Lines 2 and 3) will be on 24-hour strike.

Flights of Olympic Air may be cancelled due to strike of the Civil Aviation personnel. Please, check with OA or your travel agent.


Tsipras during protest rally before he became Prime Minister.

PS united we stand against creditors… :p

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  1. Is something going on? What do you think?

  2. schizophrenia…

  3. What good will it do Germany does not listen to people only money and power

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      If they get through with joint Turkish-Greek porno-patrols close to islands Turkey wants “back” the government will collapse anyway, just like any Greek government would.

    • Germany has a long history of shameful behaviour, and the Germans seem determined to continue the tradition. They will be taught a harsh lesson, yet again — by that time, the crook in a wheelchair will be dead and buried. As they do today, the Germans people will cry out “We didn’t do anything, it was our older generation!” They are fools and liars.