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Greece & creditors agree on 23% V.A.T on Gambling, Extra Tax on Wine

Debtors and creditors have agree on how Greece will collect €300 million on yearly basis from indirect taxes. Jumping from beef to private education the famous 23% Valuer Added Tax finally landed on Gambling and Wine. Creditors seek 300 million EUR per year and they don’t care where the money will come from.

In desperate search to find ‘equivalent measures’ to scrap the 23% V.A.T. from Private Education, Athens proposed that the 300million euro will be collected by 23% V.A.T. on Gambling.

But the creditors doubted that Greeks would gamble and sweat zealously enough, each and every year in order to give the creditors what belongs to the creditors. So they agreed to accept 200 million from Gambling.


       desperate Greek gambler

Grreeks looked around trying to find the right “equivalent measure” that would bring another 100 million and founded in Wine.

Not in beer, or ouzo. Now they will impose an Extra Consumption Tax in Agiorgitiko, Xinomavro , Savvatiano, Roditis, in all local and foreign wines sold in Greece. “The ECT will burden each bottle with an extra €0.30,” media said trying to comfort the crisis-hit and frustrated wine lovers here.

However the final – final decision has not be taken yet.

When the ultimate decision will be taken, signed and sealed, Beef will eternally keep 13% VAT and Private Education… well… it will be 23%-free but I don’t know, if they will keep the low rates.

“Not without my Wine!”

ACTION to help KTG in times of Extra Consumption Tax on Wine.

See list below!

KeepTalkingGreece accepts following wine donations:

Greek wines: White: dry & extra dry like Xerolithia and Katogi

Rose: Boutaris Akakies

Red: dry Xinomavro, Agioritiko, Nemea, Paragka

Italian wines:

White good quality Frascati, Soave (summer months), Sauvignon Blanc, Orvieto (Spring, September), Pinot Grigio (October, November)


Red Wines: Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino

French wines:

for white wines, please, check the one from Alsace preferably Riesling dry (summer months) and Gewurztraminer (winter months).

Also Cremant d’ Alsace (all through the year)

Red wines: Dry from Bordeaux region

KTG will occasionally enjoy also a good Shiraz from South Africa and  Australia or a Château Ksara from Lebanon.

PS we have a Greek saying “3 for oil, 3 for vinegar, what’s the cost of vinaigrette”? In Creditors’ logic: Oil has 13% VAT, Vinegar has 13% but Vinaigrette has 23%.

Go figure!

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  1. Prost !

  2. The extra 10% for vinaigrette is for the person who mixes them… But they don’t get the 10% either…

  3. Ok; so maybe these are dumb measures. What I am missing is your constructive proposal as to what smart measures would be.

    • If I would write them here I wouldn’t sit behind my pc but in a nice office at ECB IMF World Bank EC OECD you name it

      • And you would be taking a salary about 5 to 8 times that of a Greek journalist, too. Kastner has been defending the European establishment far too vigorously, for reasons that we do not need to elucidate.