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DNA of Paris Attacks “mastermind” found in 2 Athens apartments

The mastermind of Paris Attacks, the meanwhile dead terrorist, Abdelhamid Abaaoud is confirmed to have stayed in Athens last winter. Based on cooperation between Greek and French police authorities, DNA samples found in two Athens apartments confirm that Abaaoud was in Athens in last January.

According to Greek media, the DNA samples were found in one apartment in Pangrati suburb of Athens and in one in Sepolia, suburb in the west of the Greek capital, in January 2015 during a police operation that followed a relevant request by the Belgian authorities.

Now the French sent DNA samples they collected from the apartment in Saint Denis where the 27-year-old Abaaoud was killed on November 19th. The samples – a DNA profile – were transmitted with a code number. It turns out that they match with those in the data base of the Greek police. The samples in the Greek database were described as “orphans” in the sense of “not identified.” The match has been confirmed but not officially yet.

Last January, the Belgians were seeking a suspect called “Omar” who had allegedly organized the planned terrorist attack in Vervie. The Belgians had indications that a suspect was coordinating via his mobile phone that was located to be in Athens. They sought the aid of the Greek police.

The raid in Pangrati led to the arrest of a Algerian national, 33, who was extradited to Belgium. Nobody was found in the Sepolia apartment, however finger prints were secured and a forge French driving license. Greek police also arrested a Syrian, who  turned out to be a French national labeled as “jihadists’ recruiter”. However the Belgians reportedly told the Greeks that they were “not interested in him”. He was consequently released and has disappeared ever since.

Media reports indicate that the Belgians had indications of Abaaoud’s involvement in terror attacks already in January. it is not clear whether the Belgians had given up investigation on Abaaoud, a Belgian national of Moroccan origin.

Apart from the identified DNA samples, more DNA and fingers prints were found in Sepolia and have yet to be identified.

130 people were killed and 350 injured in the unrepresented terror attacks in Paris on a Friday night, exactly two weeks ago.the Islamic State claimed responsibility.

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  1. Pangrati’s not a suburb! It’s Demos Athinon!