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Greek banks: Hackers extend ransom payment deadline

A team of hackers has allegedly threatened to bring down the electronic systems and websites of Greek banks, unless they pay ransom in Bitcoins. Greek media report on Monday that a group called “Armada Collective” has threatened the Greke banks with a DDoS attack. Sources told the media that the hackers caused the online banking system of three banks to briefly stop operating on last Thursday.

“According to a police official, the hackers made attempts to intrude into the web banking of three Greek banks last Thursday, by setting thousands of questions at once, blocking temporarily the system. Then they asked for ransom in bitcoin. The cyber attack lasted for 45 minutes.” (via SigmaLive)

The deadline for the ransom payment is reportedly set for today, Monday November 30th 2017.

Kathimerini understands that the group, called Armada Collective, has threatened a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack unless they are paid a ransom in bitcoins.

The hackers caused the online banking systems of three Greek lenders to briefly stop working on Thursday, sources said. They said that if they are not paid by Monday, November 30, they would cause more severe disruption. (via ekathimerini)

The names of the banks have not been disclosed in order to avoid panic among its customers.

Citing a senior police official, news website reports that the hackers were Russian. The same police source estimated that the group consisted of “30-40 hackers.” claims that “two Greek systemic banks were attacked on Sunday afternoon asking for 750 Bitcoins.

According to a senior Greek Police officer, “the hackers did not receive the ransom neither did they manage to cause harm in bank accounts, as the online security systems were activated.”

The National Intelligence Service (EYP), the Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE), the Police Cyber Crime Department, the banks and the Bank of Greece have put together a team of experts to confront the problem.

The group is thought to have targeted other victims, including in Switzerland and Thailand, in recent weeks.

UPDATE: Greek media report that the hackers have extended the payment of ransom to upcoming Thursday.

I have no idea if Bitcoins are subject to the same restrictions as currencies under capital controls.

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