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How many bank shares you can buy for the price of a metro ticket

Ok, our Greek banks are been currently recapitalized and until this process concludes the shares are … well… not at their best. The times when The National Bank was at 17EUR and Piraeus at 16EUR are long gone.

With shares prices at:

€0.047 for Alpha Bank, €0.081 for National Bank, €0.014 for Eurobank and €0.010 for Piraeus bank

one can buy for €1.20  – price for a ticket in Athens Public Transport means –

25 shares of Alpha Bank, 14 shares of National Bank, 85 shares of Eurobank and 120 shares of Piraeus bank.

Too bad, that the shares of the four systemic banks are currently not trading in the Athens Stock Exchange. Trading has been temporarily suspended in order to complete the process of reverse split.

PS Athens Transport ticket is valid for  70 minutes, but shares in Greek banks are forever 🙂

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  1. The Greek banks are bankrupt regardless their assets and are worthless. The same happened to Barings bank that was sold in 1995 for 1 pound.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Just the same thoughts must have had the bloodsucking bastards of Paulson, Brookfield, Fairfax, Highfields, WL Ross, Oceanwood, Soros, King Street, Lansdowne, Och Ziff, Moore aso that all co-own now Greek banks and are the profiteers of a big fraud by Tsipras that costs Greeks 40 billion Euros.
    Before the extortion began the banks were o.k. and even Stournaras was pointing that out after it started and now these frat pigs get them for close to nothing and with the beginning of next year also without any risk.
    There are very interesting researches going on in Paris right now regarding the coincidences of jobless-youth-rates and terrorism but I guess they’ll miss the point regarding tens of thousands more homeless month on month the next years who will all loose their homes because capitalist shitheads need desperately a 3rd house, a 4th yacht, a 5th car and many prostitutes or plan on visiting Mars.
    I guess Mars can happen faster than they expect