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Frenzy: 25K people have applied for 690 vacancies at Greece’s public hospitals

Greeks in frenzy for a job at a public hospital. A total of 690 vacancies have been opened for nurses, paramedical professions and administrative staff and thus for graduates of secondary education or vocational schools IEK. And Greeks are storming the electronic applications system to grab one of the very rare positions in the public sector of a country hits by recession, high unemployment and bad paid jobs in the private sector.

The vacancies were uploaded in the official ASEP e-system a couple of days ago and already 25,000 people have submitted their applications. The applicants storm has brought the e-system several times to collapse with outages hindering the normal flow of submitting an application and the desperate job seekers having to submit again and again. Or break up the submitting process in frustration and try again on a later time.

The  Doom seems justified as Greece’s public hospitals have not hired for the last five years.

Due to the outages and the strong interest, the submissions deadline has been extended once and there are considerations to give another extension until next Tuesday. New servers are supposed to get into action in order to make possible the dealing of  the large volume of applications.

A candidate who submitted his application in the early morning hours of Friday to avoid ‘traffic jam’ said that the protocol number he received was about 25 thousand something.

Experts estimate that the total number of applications may reach 50,000. If this is true, only 14:1000 will be able to get into the competition.

What is considered as certain is that the extraordinary volume of applications will delay the hiring process until summer 2016, as the applications have to be evaluated.

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