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EC’s Costello – Greece’s creditors never heard, ‘Colonialism’ died last century

I wouldn’t know that the neo-colonists of creditors believe that they can intervene into the procedures of hiring personnel. But so it is. Creditors’ representative for European Commission Declan Costello sent a letter to Greek education Minister Nikos Filis and … criticized him for the hiring of primary and secondary education directors.

Costello even went to far to threaten Greece with “interruption of the Greek program” if the rules for selecting the directors were not modified.

The EC representative writes among others:

“The impression we gained from the meeting with you was that Ithere would not be changes in Education without prior consultation with the institutions.

The adoption of the amendments submitted to the bill about pastures would not comply with the Memorandum and will oblige us to rethink our assessment of its cooperation with the Greek government institutions to implement the ESM program.” (via Efimerida ton Syntakton)

The new directors in primary and secondary education schools must be appointed by January. But the creditors’ do not agree. ..

I don’t know what the creditors’ representatives have been drinking but it has  certainly expired long ago, around the middle of the previous century.

*Declan Costello Director, Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs European Commission. He is Irish. 

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    But he was just too stupid to learn Irish in school, so he decided Greeks must stop learning Greek to get uiibuh-competitive

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