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Lesvos: “Homeland”-star Mandy Patinkin on emotional video plea for Refugees

It was an emotionally gripping picture what I saw this morning on television. Hollywood star Mandy Patinkin standing in front of a mountain of life-jackets. Hundreds if not thousands of live-jackets left at Molyvos, one of the villages of Lesvos island that has been flocked by thousands of men, women and children mostly from Syria. Live-jackets discarded by thousands of refugees who crossed the Aegean Sea by sun, by wind and by rough sea to reach Europe for a better future.

MANDY-PATINKIN-Greece refugees

Mandy Patinkin, who plays CIA officer Saul Berenson in famous US TV-series Homeland took a break from the filming studio and went to the Greek island of Lesvos to witness first-hand the refugees’ situation in Greece. And to make a compassionate plea for the refugees, in the name of UK-NGO International Rescue Committee.

Βίντεο: Διάσημος ηθοποιός του Χόλιγουντ βοηθά πρόσφυγες στη Λέσβο

“I just don’t understand,” says Mandy Patinkin in front of the camera of the International Rescue Committee, “I just don’t understand how so many people in so many countries can be afraid of these people who are suffering so much. They have so much need, they are in despair and all they want is freedom, justice.” 


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More than 330,00 people have been recorded to have arrived on the island of Lesbos since spring 2015. And they keep coming.

PS I wish, Mandy Patinkin would send us his own experience with the refugees on Lesvos 🙂

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