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FYROM erects 2. fence across its borders to Greece as “migrants” try the Albania route

The army of the Former Republic of Macedonia is erecting a second fence across its borders to Greece. the wire fence is being erected in the area of Metzilia opposite of the Niki area in Florina. the target of FYROM is to limit migration flow coming from Greece.

The spokesman of FYROM army confirmed the second fence saying ““Since yesterday, the army of the country, following relevant mandates, began erecting a wire fence at the border crossing of Metzitlia, similar to that in Gevgelija.”

According to Athens News Agency the fence is set to be some 6 km long and 3 m high.

This is the second fence of the kind that FYROM erects in its borders with Greece. The first has been erected in the neutral zone opposite of Idomeni and its construction began in late November. It length so far is 15 km.

Following EU’ instruction, FYROM allows only refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan into its soil. Refugees or as they call them without further investigation “economic migrants” from other countries are stuck in Greece.

In a big operation, Greek police evacuated some 2,300 “migrants” from Idomeni on Wednesday and transported them with buses to Athens. They are currently hosted in one of the Olympic Stadiums in Palaio Faliro. Greek Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas said that they have to be relocated form the stadium soon due to a sports event scheduled fro December 15th. Greece tries to persuade these ‘economic migrants” to return to their countries.

However, the migrants apparently do not want either to return to their countries or to stay in Greece. According to some media reports, they seek ways to reach central and north Europe via neighboring Albania.

PS I see soon fences erected in Albania… oh wait!

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