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“Spit on them! They’re no humans!” Greek Metropolit lashes out against gays

One of the most powerful Metropolits in the hierarchy of the Greek Orthodox Church lashed out against gays but also against the Greek government for promoting the partnership status legislation for couples of the same sex and grand them the same rights as heterosexual couples .

In a vitriolic and totally unholy post Metropolit of Kalavryta and Aegialeia, Ambrosios, urged the faithful to “beat” and “spit” on gays because they were “no humans” as he claimed.

Some excerpts from Ambrosios blogpost:

Homosexuality is a deviation from the laws of nature! It is a social crime! It is a sin! Those who experience it or support is are not normal people! They are scums of the society!”

“Unfortunately, my brothers, today Greece is run some such weaklings! Certainly they are a small a minority in the total of the Members of the Greek Parliament! But they exist! These are some scums of society, outcasts, defective, humiliating,  people of darkness who on the occasion of the left-wing superiority raised their heads!

I advice you: Do not approach them! Do not listen to them! Do not trust them! they are the damned of the society!”

Man without God is dangerous!”

Well, these humiliating, spit on them! Condemn them! Blacken them! These people are freaks of the society!

The hysteric homophobic and racists comments by the ‘holy’ man triggered an outrage, even though he found supporters among the conservatives.

The Greek Orthodox Church has not taken official position on the issue.

Last month, when the bill was first submitted to the Parliament, there was again criticism, but Justice Ministry’s general secretary for human rights, Costas Papaioannou, made clear that the government had no plans to change it.

“The state recognizes that there are other forms of family life than that which we know as marriage,” he said, adding that the European Court of Justice shares this stance.

He stated that laws should adapt to the existing state of affairs, noting that the fact there are children being raised by gay couples is “a very significant social fact.”

The revised bill aims to give signatories the favorable tax status enjoyed by married couples and increased inheritance rights.

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  1. I guess the church is upset that less Greeks marry in churches as it is too expensive given that the party days are over now.
    And the churches property portfolio is worth much less now than the old days!

    Their days ripping off Greeks are numbered, so all they can do now is have temper tantrums = )

  2. It’s difficult to know whether this guy is just vermin, or it is a more calculated manipulation of public opinion in order to maximise the profits of the Greek Church. Of course, whatever the precise motivation for this nasty and hypocritical outburst (given how so many Greek priests are practising homosexuals), the truth is that it presents the Church as a parasitic and negative institution that feeds off society. Christ would be disgusted by the position so many Christian churches have got themselves into — with no regard for the teachings and wisdom of Jesus himself.

  3. Oh dear, I thought Christianity was about loving your neighbour and kindness, not hatred and vitriol.
    Am I wrong? Or is this guy a representative of the new Christian Taliban?
    Whatever, he is, he is a sad man.