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Juncker “trolls” Greeks: We take measures after checking their impact on the vulnerable groups of the society

The President of the European Commission massively “trolled” Greeks today. Speaking at the European Parliament, Jean-Claude Juncker claimed that before European creditors impose austerity measures, they first check with the impact of the measures to the vulnerable groups of the society.

Today, if a country needs to pursue an adjustment programme, we will see more transparency and more accountability.

The Commission is for instance conducting social impact assessments so that we can from the outset design measures to support the most vulnerable and ensure a fair adjustment. And we will report to this House on progress with the programme.

We are implementing these new methods in the new programme with Greece, which for the first time is done under the European Stability Mechanism, our European financial firewall.

And this is the first programme for which a full social impact assessment was published, as promised, and presented to the Committees of this Parliament.”

Oh, Juncker also surprised anyone considering The Euro as … currency, money and economics. Juncker that “The euro is a political project, and that means it requires political supervision and democratic accountability.


OMG, the vulnerables are out there!

Juncker’s full speech here

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Please squire, the 35 billion-lie one more time in 2015, in 2016 it’ll be 36 billion Euros

  2. I wonder when a Greek qualifies as vulnerable in Junker’s TTiP neolib dream? When they have been homeless for 5 years?

  3. Old Fashioned Gentleman

    Looks more and more like that Grexit is THE way to go. Short term pain for long term gain instead of pain with compounded interest forevermore.

  4. Juncker is without doubt the biggest malakas in the history of the European Commission. This was well known in advance, and is why the rigged voting was bitterly opposed by democratic groups. It is also interesting that Germany and other key governments manipulated for his appointment.

  5. Don’t ever forget that this is the man(?) who stated that

    When it becomes serious, you have to lie

    It seems like he’s sticking to his lines, on this one at least…