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EU prepares new Border Guards force that will intervene without an EU-state consent

The European Union is determined to end “national sovereignty” in order to “protect” Europe from refugees and migrants. In order to achieve this, Brussels’ bureaucrats following Brussels’ politicians’ instructions prepared an extraordinary proposal, according to which a new border & coastguard agency will be established with extended powers like to intervene in a country even when the country does not give its consent.

The proposal targets primarily Greece and secondarily Italy, the two countries that have been receiving the highest number of illegal entries

The new force is expected to be 1,000-man strong and the new agency -the EC has not found a name for it yet – will replace the Frontex which has been accused of having being unable to stop the flow of refugees and migrants.

As expected, the European Commission’s plan is met with the hostility of some of the 28 EU member states that are convinced that they have to hand over the security of their sea or land borders to some central general stab in Brussels.

The European Commission is treating member-states that will not accept the new guards agency with sanctions.

According to AFP that obtained a draft of the EC proposal:

The European Commission will propose that the new agency has the “right to intervene” to protect the security of the EU’s passport-free Schengen area.

“In urgent situations, the Agency must be able to step in to ensure that action is taken on the ground even where there is no request for assistance from the Member State concerned or where that Member State considers that there is no need for additional intervention.”

The EU could send in teams of guards in case of a surge at a particular border, or where a member state has a “deficiency” in the management of its borders and had failed to respond to warnings from Brussels.”

The European Commission is “confident” that the controversial plan will be  accepted during the EU leaders Summit tomorrow Thursday in Brussels.

So, Brussels will fire a warning salvo and then send its own guards to an EU-member state. I  suppose, if the member state refuse to accept the EU guards to enter the country, Brussels will have the tanks rolling …?

tanks rolling

ops! me thinking I got wrong picture. That’s from the Nazi occupation during WWII. Apologies.

PS The European Commission is threatening member-states that will not accept the new guards agency with sanctions. So far, I heard of zero sanction towards the member-states that refuse to comply with the EU Summit on Migration decisions about the delicate chapter of “relocation of some 160,000 refugees” I heard recently that Germany, for example, accepted to receive 24 people from Greece.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    As this is against the constitution it could unfortunately provoke a mayor armed conflict in the Aegean but surprisingly without any Turkish participation…
    It also pays no way attention to the contradiction that coast-guarding is army-job, not police but this will encourage the Greek side that will decide on defending the constitution. It is also a reaction to the Greek soldiers organizing together with Diktio Spartakos to refuse action against migrants and who much more like to tear down the fence in Evros instead of protecting it and it also indicates that Kammenos is losing control.
    It’s time to remember that the idea of Europe was born on Italian concentration camp islands, created by imprisoned antifascists and not by corrupt slaves and lackeys of the money-machine that made democrazy the perfect crime.

    • Spinelli is a load of EU spin. He wrote and proposed the EU constitution that – whoops! – included no democratic participation and a phony EU parliament with exactly zero executive powers. Anti-fascist my foot.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        I was about the “Manifesto di Ventotene”, not what came later and Altiero Spinelli made only some drafts of which not much became reality. “Europa proletaria
        Europa unita, Europa rivoluzionaria” never became reality

  2. It is amazing and – of course – partially justified how KTG evolved into a big skeptic of the EU (especially looking at the photo of the tank).
    Anyway, the problem exists and what can they do ? Most countries will probably NOT take a big number of refugees / migrants from Greece and Italy. So there exists no other way than trying to discourage the migrants in some other way.
    I hardly believe that France (already having big minorities) or Denmark or post-communist countries (rather homogeneous and really poor) take many refugees / migrants. I think also that migrants will be very unhappy living in Greece or post-communist countries where the level of life is not amazing (sorry, this level became similar because of the Greek crisis, and this is a real tragedy for Greece).
    So what to do ? Send them back ? It is not that easy – their countries can refuse accepting them, and also it is difficult from the legal point of view – Geneva convention etc.
    The best way is … not to allow them to come. And this is probably now the main strategy. Sorry, I do not think that it is dangerous for Greece, although of course the problem of infringing national sovereignty exists.
    And by the way, sorry for being rude for the poor migrants. I am just describing what I think is cold reality. Cold reality wins and defeats our dreams quite often.
    People on other continents see sometimes Europe as a place where everybody is rich. Only afterwards they see that Greece and Hungary for example have very big problems, that FYROM and Ukraine are poor (often poorer that migrants’ own countries), that even in Germany there is no paradise…

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      If refugees will be concentrated in camps it’s much better in Germoney than in Greece or Turkey, both countries already have problems with drinking water for desperate tourists to take three showers a day and the Germans have not only more water but they have also best experience in building concentration camps; this summer the world could see the Krauts applauding “welcome” to the refugees at the train stations on their way into lager.
      Also every poor European seems to have enough money to destroy the planet by driving a car and if some countries have problems with minorities they should have thought it over before getting involved into colonialism and imperialism; especially “minorities” in GB and France often have a passport as citizens of their (former) Reich. There is only one logical reason why there could be not enough space in Europe and this would be if the Red Indian Homeland Security throws out the European squatters that call themselves Americans; 300 million will come back to Europe then.

      • I agree with a big part what you wrote, but not 300 millions would come back from America. Please do not forget about Latin America – only in some countries Red Indians are majority. Hmmm, would it be a 800 million or a little more ? All America was colonized, not only the US.
        “this summer the world could see the Krauts applauding “welcome” to the refugees at the train stations on their way into lager.”
        Here I can agree. These poor people feel invited, they pay many thousands usd to get to Europe (sometimes their families and sometimes all their villages)… And then the bad surprise… They are some day not wanted anymore…

  3. I fear that the arrogance and stupidity of European politicians will be revealed yet again. If they are stupid enough to cede national sovereignty to an EU agency that appears to have no accountability (does that remind anyone of the eurozone?) they will do so for no gain. Why? Because all EU agencies are legally bound to obey the Treaties and the international obligations contained in them, as well as the judgements of the European Court.
    There has already been a non-reported denouement of the Council of Ministers, with a court ruling against its Decision of 2013 instructing Frontex to return migrants at sea to their place of departure. The European Court ruled that this was unlawful, contrary to the 1951 Convention and the commitments contained in the EU Treaties. Our wonderful European press never picks up on major court rulings, of course…
    So, the most likely outcome is that nothing will change in terms of refugee and irregular migration flows; instead, we will have yet another EU agency to finance, with overhigh salaries and pensions, and nothing to show for it. Except a political game of pretending to solve problems, while actually achieving nothing at all. L’Europe est morte: Vive l’Europe!!

    • BTW I don’t think the EP will approve such a thing as it is, neither the EU leaders will accept as that. Leaders will press for text sentence about the ‘consent’ and we (Tsipras too) will be happy to have reached agreement after tough negotiations.

  4. “So, Germany will fire a warning salvo and then send its own guards to an EU-member state. I suppose, if the member state refuse to accept the EU guards to enter the country, Germany will have the tanks rolling …?”. It makes much more sense when you read it like that…

    • not possible to read it like this due to EU regulations :p

    • Its fascinating how far the germanophobia has spread. Here we are, one of the few countries trying to keep borders open, one of the few countries actually trying to help refugees and you still think the threat of nazism stems from ger instead of say the new polish government or the le pens in france.

  5. I can see how the ability to do intervention against the wishes of the respective country is problematic. On the other hand it seems clear that greece and italy can not be left alone in regulating the external schengen borders. So for that I wish the EU would get a proper border police, how is this not the first thing to do once you tear down the internal borders? Mind you I am totally for taking in a lot of refugees, but Id prefer to select them by need instead of their fitness to do the long trek to europe.
    If of course greece doesnt want any help / chooses to just let anyone through like some here seem to prefer, then the only options would be to either kick greece out of schengen, or to nullify the treaty completly, both of which im not a big fan of.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Get your facts straight, Greece’s requests for help was ignored since May, ask some volunteers on Lesbos if they’ve seen any European civil servants outside their hotels and Greece border control was working fine, saving nearly 500.000 people out of the water

      • Thats why I said greece and italy shouldnt be left alone. The security of our external borders is obviously a union wide issue, so cost and personal burden should be split. The way I understand it they tried to get some 500 border police together in the summer on a voluntary basis and that didnt work(they didnt get enough), now they want a permanent 2000 as a contigency. I think thats far from enough, but gigi you cant have it both ways. Either you complain about how you dont want foreign border police because it infringes on your sovereignity or you complain there is no help, doing both is hypocritical.

      • It’s clear that Hungary and many other governments would prefer that Greece did not rescue them and they drowned. The UK is on record earlier this year, from the evil bitch of a Home Secretary and the PM as well, as saying that there should not be a Mediterranean rescue of drowning refugees/migrants “because it only encourages more of them”. The UK was one of several countries that blocked EU financing of Mare Nostrum in Italy — whose function was to save lives.
        It is also a recorded fact that the Council of Ministers in 2013 issued a decision instructing Frontex to return all rescued migrants to their apparent country of departure (e.g. Libya?) and refuse to allow them access to EU soil and apply for asylum. This decision was ruled illegal and overturned by the European Court, in 2014 (I think).
        What people have to understand is that Europe has been hijacked by a political class that is no better than mafia — with no respect for law and no regard for ordinary people or their rights. This criminal political class all belong in prison: let us hope that they will go there soon.