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Creditors reject SYRIZA-ANEL “social program” to tackle the humanitarian crisis

It was a short survival for SYRIZA-ANEL wonderful “parallel program” a series of social measures to tackle the humanitarian crisis for Greeks after six years of austerity and recession.

The creditors said a loud and clear “NO! NO WAY!” and the Greek government took it back. The creditors were so adamant on their NO that they reportedly even threatened to block the disbursement of the One Billion Euro bailout tranche.

As expected, the creditors considered the “social program” as a unilateral move – and you know what happens in such case: WAR!

Allegedly – that is according to the Greek side – the creditors’ objections were based on the fact that the program measures were not previously budgeted.

Now, there are rumors, that the government ministers will seat in their offices all through out the Christmas days trying to budget the social program that is supposed to return to the Parliament for debate in the first week of January.

What is interesting is that also the opposition accused the government for not having budgeted the social program that was suppose dot be voted and approved before Christmas.

No, I have no idea, whether creditors’ representatives sit in the seats of opposition parties in the Greek Parliament.

The program included among others health care to uninsured citizens and migrants with legal papers, broadening the criteria for the ‘social invoice’ of Public Power Company, Welfare work for unemployed, free meals in schools, benefits for families with 3 children. – the full program is here.

In the bill containing the program was also the legislation for the Cremation of the Deceased. Apparently the creditors want Greeks to be buried and stay in their grave for 3 years, so that the families will keep paying cemetery fees to the municipalities thus increasing their revenues.

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  1. This IS WAR against Greece.

    The next step is to take over the Aegean and Mediterranean part of Greece and share it with Erdogan.
    Remember the pic Erdogan and Merkel on the thrones?

  2. This is nasty, but if the reason is a described, at least 50% of the blame goes to the government. If they want to spend the money on usefull things like this they need to either cut other, useless, things orraise revenues, preferably by prosecuting rich tax evaders instead of the small fries.
    Ive said this before, forget about what the troika wants, a somewhat balanced budget is in the interest of the greek people simply because its the only way to restore your sovereignity.

    • some blame goes for the Greek government too. Juncker was supposed to send some aid for the humanitarian crisis but I don’t know what happened. Now he is busy with fixing the EU external borders so he might forgotten it