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Petition: Award residents of Greek islands with the Nobel Prize for their Contribution to Refugee Crisis

More than 800,000 refugees and migrants passed through the Greek islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea on their way to Europe for a better future. While local authorities and the central government were too slow to react to the challenge of thousands of people stranded, the residents of the islands were quick to respond and provide comfort to the thousands of the stranded men, women and children. Without their spontaneous help, a real humanitarian crisis would have occurred.

“The residents of the Greek islands deserve the Nobel Peace Prize,” Stephen K. from USA thought and started a petition.

Vote that the Greek Islands Receive the Nobel Peace Prize for their Contributions Aiding the Refugee Crisis!

“The native populations of the Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea (and many other external, worldwide, non-profit organizations and diaspora Greeks) have done and are doing anything possible to help the displaced Syrian refugees and make them as comfortable as possible, although they themselves have very little to offer, despite being subjected to a severe economic crisis for many years. They have shown their Christ-like behavior with acts of “filotimo”, love, respect and “filoxenia” to those who are total strangers to them! Their acts and sacrifices shall not go un-noticed, because they are significant contributors to World Peace and Stability, and are clear examples of LOVE for others in the world to use and to learn from!”

Sign the Petition here

In my humble opinion, the grannies of Lesvos should be honored with the Award. Symbolically.

PS however, as we all now, the Nobel Prize Committee is too conservative for such brave actions.

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  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Good story regarding this by Dina Daskalopoulou from Dec 31st titled Για εμάς είσαι εσύ

  3. Those who give their time money and effort to help refugees, be it on the greek islands or somewhere else, would certainly be deserving of such an honor, although in my experience most actual helpers care little for any awards. After all the laughter of a child feeling free and safe enough to play to its hearts content ist much more rewarding.

    As for the actual proposal, since there is no singular organisation or person the question would be who to give the price to. Also if you prefer to honor a large group(as opposed to a singular person/organisation representative of the issue) I would argue that we would need to find a way to honor all helpers in all countries involved, not just those on the islands.

    The black humor in me insists that I point out that in most countries around the world public discussion has already found a posterchild for humanitarian efforts connected to the refugee crisis. And right before they announced the winners last year she was nr.1 contender according to most newssites as well as the bookies. Also she got person of the year.


    I call on all KTG readers to show international solidarity and start a new petition to give the NPP to Angie as a representative for all refugee helpers worldwide 😉

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Nobel Prize for the FDJ-Queen for killing 30.000 Greeks via cuts and murder by suicide

      • You may see it like that and i may see it somewhat like that but my point is most of the rest of the world doesnt.
        Also, if you ignore her part in the euro tragedy and evaluate her part in the refugee crisis on its own, I would think even you could respect those decisions. It doesnt happen often that a politician goes against her own party/power base that massivly in order to help people.