Tuesday , September 26 2023
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Greek FinMin considers levy to each PC- and Tablet-purchase

The Greek Finance Ministry allegedly considers to impose a levy for every tablet and personal compute purchase. Reason for this consideration? The levy will be imposed as a “counter-weight” to the millions of euro that were supposed to be paid for Copy Rights but they vanish in the air due to electronic ‘piracy’.

According to economic news website Capital.gr, the levy is considered to be 2% for each purchase of personal computer and 4% for each tablet purchase.

As expected there is a lot of reaction by the Association of Businesses for Electronic Devices, one of the few businesses still flourishing in austerity-ridden Greece.

Describing the levy as “totally illogical,” the president of the Association stressed that “imposing such a levy is like taxing the devices bank thieves use to rob bank” ATMs.

PS what? no levy to iphones & smart-phones & laptops?


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