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Greece still a popular holiday destination despite economic crisis

Greece remains a popular holiday destination despite the economic crisis. At least, among British travelers. According to a recent survey, 66% of the respondents consider Greece as a safe destination. And half of British travelers over 60 said that they would be happy to travel to Greece and thus “independently to support local businesses.” 21% of the 60+ said that they would travel to Greece specifically to help the country’s economy.

However, almost 71% cent of Millennials said they preferred to travel with a trusted holiday provider because of security concerns.

They also suggested that the best way to support Greece would be to lower prices on flights and hotels.

The survey shows also that young travels are more socially conscious than their older peers.

What is especially interestingly is that “more than 50% of  survey respondents feel that if Greece exits the EU, it would have a positive impact on holiday prices, meaning lower prices and fewer crowds.”

Full survey here

PS I will certainly keep in mind that a Grexit would boost our tourism industry and I have to admit I have no idea whether Varoufakis took this factor into consideration while he was working out his famous Plan X.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Grexit would result in millions of Krauty pensioners on basic income (welfare) and old unemployed coming and staying as long as possible. Already now some of them think about it with rents getting lower and lower… “ey schatzi, we don’t need the caravan, we can get 2 rooms in Athens for 100”
    Someone should write a diploma about how many German Grexit promoters only promote it for their own splendid future.

  2. Greece has a very strong black economy – it is the nations of the world that have a strong black economy, that are the most financially stable & wealth countries of the world. Indeed the countries, like Greece, are the countries that survived the 2008 Global Financial Crisis – so when mainstream world news, told us that Greece was a basket case – imagine the surprise.