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Mass Protest against Greek Pensions Reform, lawyers hand their ties outside Parliament

Thousands of self-employed took to the streets of Athens on Thursday morning to protest the Greek Pension Reforms. Layers, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, notaries, accountants, young scientists and other self-employed professionals  move to downtown Athens to express their opposition against a s0-called Reform that will swallow up to 80% of their income in social security contributions and taxes.

Lawyers hang their ties on the trees around the Monument of Unknown Soldier in front of the Greek Parliament. In order to give a more dramatic tone to their protest, they also sang the national Anthem.

Protesters put government hiring decisions on fire.

The crowd demanded the resignation of Labor Minister Giorgos Katrougalos who has worked out the Greek proposal of Pension Reform for the creditors.

According to media, leftists from Antarsya party threatened the general secretary of public sector union GSEE, threw euro coins and coffee cups against him.

The protesters that “illogical” and “purely money collection” character of the Pension Reform.

According to the chairman of the Greek Lawyers’ Association, a young lawyer the moment he becomes a member of the Association has to pay 2.823 euro per year in social contributions even if his annual income is €5,000.

Meanwhile, farmers who also protest the pensions Reform, have massively gathered with hundreds of tractors at main highways, customs points and toll spots. They have announced to blockade the Tempi toll spot on Friday, January 22nd 2015  from 12 noon until 2 p.m. and possible on Saturday, too.

In a parallel development, seamen continue their strike, currently unconfirmed information claims that they have decided to extend their strike for another 48 hours. Before packing suitcases, better, check with local port authorities and travel agents.


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