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UPD “It’s Kids drowning in the Aegean, stupid!” – 42 Migrants dead in two boat incidents, among them 17 children

At least, 21 people have died in two separate boat wreckage that occurred during the night in the Aegean Sea. According to the Greek Coast Guard, a wooden boat carrying 48 people from Turkey to Greece sank off the island of Farmakonisi. The cost guard rescued a little girl, forty people managed to swim to the shore. The bodies of six children and one women were recovered.

The number of drowned children in both incidents is at least 8 children.

In a separate incident, another wooden boat sank off the island of Kalolimnos: 26 people were rescued, the bodies of 14 were recovered: among them three men, three women and two children. the number of missing is still unclear, but the rescued said there are 70-100 people on board.

UPD: According to latest information a total of 42 people were drowned in the two incidents, among them 17 children.

While refugees keep drowning in the cold waters of the Aegean Sea trying to flee the war, thousands of kilometers away, in snowy Davos, political and economic leaders meet in cosy chalets and try to find solutions to the world and European problems.

Panicked by the refugees and migrants flow that doesn’t come into a halt despite the winter conditions, the EU leaders raise fences and close their borders, while others like Denmark or Germany “strip the refugees’ of their money and valuable assets to have them self-finance” the honor of finding shelter in their countries.

Germany’s southern federate states Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg confirmed that they size valuable assets like cash and family jewelry from the refugees.

“Cash holdings and valuables can be secured [by the authorities] if they are over €750 and if the person has an outstanding bill, or is expected to have one.”

Authorities in Baden-Württemberg have a tougher regime, where police confiscate cash and valuables above €350.

By confiscating valuables, the states are implementing federal laws, which require asylum seekers to use up their own resources before receiving state aid,”The notes.

Already, one day before the World Economic Forum launched in Davos, European Council President Donald Tusk warned that the “EU has no more than two months to solve the migrant crisis and save its passport-free Schengen zone.

Donald Tusk: “The March European Council will be the last moment to see if our strategy works. If it doesn’t, we will face grave consequences such as the collapse of Schengen.”

Chief of European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, described the refugees as “a challenge and opportunity.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to talk a tough with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglou on Friday and put pressure on Turkey, to step up to its “key role” in stemming the flow of migrants to Europe.

Yesterday, Thursday, her Finance Minister Woflgang Schaeuble caused uproar among Greeks when he said “It’s the implementation, stupid!” during a panel discussion with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Schaeuble was clearly referring to implementation of loan agreements on the side of Greece.

But it’s time to remind Schaeuble that Greece is not the only EU country that might not implement 100% the agreements. He just needs to think of all EU-partners who vehemently refuse to stick to the refugees share quotas.

“It’s kids drowning in the Aegean, stupid!”

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  1. Has anyone noticed which countries choose these inhumane policies towards refugees? Denmark (originally a German land) and Switzerland are stripping refugees of all their money and assets, while countries like Greece and Italy (where the State is seriously short of cash) have enough respect for the human rights of immigrants to ignore entirely their personal possessions. Seems like the rich (Germanic) countries feel entitled to steal from the poor and vulnerable, as opposed to helping them. I have heard similar stories about Austria, and some of the German laender.

  2. Mario Dragi describes the refugees as a challenge and an opportunity.
    I agree.
    The Schengen Area cover a lot of territory that will be borderless, which will allow people to roam free.
    Why are they, therefore fencing up their borders ?
    Surely they know that refugees will be able to enter at any point – from the shores of Portugal/Spain/France/Italy/Greece/Finland/Sweden/Norway/Denmark … they will land unseen and travel across all the participating country to where ever they choose, without any checkpoints.

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Europe is not taking notice of updates, if it makes the news their bodycount stops after the first report.
    The Europeans must be all farmers as the weather forecast is more important as it takes 5 minutes.