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Schaeuble: “Should Greece exit the crisis, Greeks would have to erect a statue for me”

I must definitely have this historic statement in my blog even though I reported about Wolfgang Schaeuble’s Grexit-speech in Hamburg a bit earlier today.

At the same “I love Grexit” CDU party event in Hamburg yesterday, the German Finance Minister said also:

“Should Greece come out of the crisis, the Greeks would have to erect a statue for me.”

It was certainly a joke and I am sure Schaeuble’s party chaps at the Economic Council of CDU found it very funny.

Apparently the German FinMin hopes deep inside him that Greeks will recognize his efforts to implement radical reforms and strict austerity for the consolidation of the finances of the debt-ridden country.

Schaeuble did not elaborate whether he wishes a statue like this




Image result for napoleon statue

or something more in this direction

Image result for napoleon statue

Most probably he will leave it up to austerity-survived Greeks to decide.

PS I might take a day off tomorrow and try to find the best sculptor for Schaeuble.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    I guess a wheelchairs out of broken Euro-coins will be understood and it will be difficult to find any person feeling discriminated but the next hours will bring up lots of empty wheelchairs screaming “want me?”

  2. His jokes are SO funny (“it’s the implementation, stupid”)

  3. I am prepared to dig a large hole in the ground for Schaeuble — but not erect a statue. Even the mass murderer Saddam did more for humanity than this creature has ever done.