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Member of Golden Dawn arrested for demolishing police car during farmers’ protests

A 30-year-old man had been brought to the prosecutor and face charges for damaging state property. The man was shown in a footage to demolish a traffic police car with a stick during the farmers’ protests in Chaidari suburb of western Athens on Friday.

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According to Greek media, the man is a member of far-right extremists of Golden Dawn and a former close associate of ex GD MP Stathis Boukouras. It is not known whether he is a farmer or not.

video: Of course, on Freiday, Feb 12th 2016, the news was “angry farmers against police car.” Nobody could know, it was a sheer provocation.

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The footage that was released on internet clearly shows the man together with tow others to demolish the parked police car with wooden sticks. The man  is seen to furiously beat the police car. He is wearing a khaki military jacket and a half-punk, half-whatever hair dress.

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The man is reportedly a resident of the broader area of Corinth Prefecture (Nemea), some 100 km away from the Greek capital. According to Mega TV, also a second person is from this area.

He reportedly told the prosecutor that “he was participating in the protests” of the far-right party and that he was “taken away” form the heat of the moment. He allegedly admitted to be an “active member of Golden Dawn” but said that his ways with the ex MP Boukouras were apart.

After police identified his through the footage, he was arrested on Saturday in the town of Corinth.

Government officials had repeatedly said that “members of Golden Dawn have intermingled in the farmers’ protests” trying to create havoc and political instability.

Alternate Public Order Minister Nikos Toscas had told Skai TV, that ” the extremists of GD had gathered at the farmers’ blockade in Chaidari, in order to create confusion and mislead the public from the real cause of the farmers’ movement.”

Police has reortedly identified also the other two men and their arrest is considered ‘a matter of time’.

sources: Huffingtonpost.gr, TheToc.gr, StarTV.gr and others

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  1. BRAVO !
    How is it that they arrested only one 30 year old man ?
    Look at how many men actually struck the police car with “weapons of mass destruction”
    Are the police at least Looking for the other men or is this guy the scapegoat ?

  2. There were at leas 4-5 men.