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Racism incident in Athens train: Security guard harasses African passenger (video)

A security guard tries to have a passenger out of the train wagon of Urban train ISAP. The guard tells the passenger that his suitcase is big and is disturbing the other passengers. “I am in charge here, you should move to another wagon at the end of the train trail,” the guard tell the passenger. The problem is that the train wagon is empty and suitcases are not prohibited in the trains. The guard would have not bothered any other train passenger with such demands. It’s only that the man with the suitcase is of African origin. The racist incident was videotaped by a young Greek woman, who also challenged the security guard.

Moreover, she uploaded the footage on YouTube – and it became viral.


Video Footage of this incredible incident that shows a clear and open xenophobic and racist motive on the side of the security guard has been uploaded on YouTube by a fellow passenger, a young woman.

An outrage among internet users breaks up on Monday morning, a  couple of hours later, the footage has been removed form the YouTube.


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Sunday evening at Kifissia train station:

“Come, take it out, come, I am in charge here” the security guard tells the passenger and orders him to take his suitcase and move to another wagon. He even tries to remove the passengers’ suitcase. He claims there is a sign prohibiting suitcases in the wagons. “It says it in the front, come, move, take it out, now!”

The young woman intervenes and tells the guard that the suitcase is hers, that it does not bother anyone and that there is no such prohibit sign. She challenges the security guard to get the police and prove that the suitcase is not hers.

According to trains security guidelines only bicycles have to be transported at the end of the train.

It looks as if the “police challenge” solves the problem immediately, the train doors close in zero time and the train starts to leave the <Kifissia> station in one of northern suburbs of Athens.

Monday noon, the management of the Urban Rail Transport (STASY) condemns the incident in a statement, speaks of “unacceptable behavior aginst a foreign passenger” and “calls private company JCB which is in charge of Security in Trains and Train stations to immediately fire the guard.”

The video has been on and of uploaded on YouTube but every time it has .been removed by YouTube for “violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying.”

PS Well done, eye-witness! Well done, STASY!

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  1. Greeks can be proud that ordinary people have always resisted fascism. What is remarkable is that a private company called JCB employs apparently untrained racists as “security guards” — and even after being exposed does not make a public apology.
    The same sort of problem (and worse) has occurred in the UK with privatised services, dealing with prisoners, asylum seekers and deported migrants. There is a reason for the State to be responsible for law and order — and not to delegate it to private companies merely out for a profit.

  2. If that wasn’t bad enough WHO keeps removing the video from YouTube? Isn’t Youtube an American company….or is it local (racist) authorities here in Greece??