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Turkish Coast Guard grabbed several children from a refugee boat & took them back to Turkey

Unbelievable and very cruel, if true! Syrian refugees claim that a Turkish coast guard vessel took several children from a boat where they were together with their parents and took them back to Turkey. Furthermore, that the coastguard officer attempted to sink the boat while it was sailing in Turkish territorial waters. The complaint was made by two refugee women to Greek port authorities and humanitarian organizations upon their arrival on the island of Lesvos on Thursday morning.

Among refugees who arrived on Thursday morning on the Greek island of Lesvos after the boat they were on board was taken to the island by a Bulgarian Frontex vessel.

According to eye-witnesses, Omar Sindu, refugee from Syria:

«The Turkish coast guard patrol boat took the children and some other passengers form the boat. Several passengers resisted because they did not want to return to Turkey. Then the Turkish coast guard tried to destroy the boat, in an effort to force the passengers to get on the coast guard boat. But the boat increased speed and managed to escape.

We are later rescued by a Greek boat that took us to Lesvos.”

One of the women was traveling with her five children and her brother, their destination was Germany where her husband is. She was allegedly informed [by the Frontex? Greek authorties?] that her children and her brother were on the way to a refugee camp in Turkey.

The second woman, who is also pregnant, allegedly saw her two children leaving on the coast guard boat. together with her husband she was taken to local hospital.

Greek media report that UN High Commission for Refugees is taking care of the case and will try to reunite the two families.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    May be they need DNA for the next “Kurdish” bomb

  2. Of course, the Turks are now breaking the 1951 Treaty (which they have not properly ratified, in terms of the 1967 Protocol) at the behest of the European Union. This has been the EU objective all along — to break EU law and international law, by outsourcing the crime to Turkey.
    Welcome to the European Union — the continent managed by crooks, criminals and liars. “Rule of law? What would that be, Sir? We, the politicians, decide on what we like. No rules for us!”