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Helpless in Brussels: EU watches paralyzed ‘unilateral actions’ of its members and the rise of xenophobia

Developments in the Refugee and Migration crisis are sweeping Europe like a storm. EU members states have taken the papers of Conclusions of the EU Leaders Summit last Friday and cleaned their shoes on Sunday.

Austria imposed a strict admission quotas on refugees entries, plans to move soldiers to its borders. The so-called Visegrad Group countries, -Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic- zealously work in the underground to proceed to unofficial expulsion of Greece from the Schengen and close their borders to Greece and to whoever comes from there.

Austria’s decision had the effect that also Serbia closed its borders for Afghan refugees and the same did FYROM. This domino effect created an “asphyxiation” in Greece with 5,000 refugees stranded in its northern border to FYROM, while the thousands of refugees and migrants arriving to the port of Piraeus from the islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea cannot move to the north and consequently leave Greece.

As if this is not enough, Austria has invited Foreign and Interior ministers of so-called western Balkan countries – Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia – to a Conference on Migration in Vienna. Aim is to cut the Balkan Route for the thousands of people seeking a safe heaven in Europe. Greece was not invited to the Conference. The Greek Foreign Ministry officially complained to Austria today speaking of that “unilateral actions that target Greece’s borders.”

At the same time, Turkey raises objections to NATO’s operational plan and is close to torpedo the whole mission that was supposed to stem the refugees flow to Europe.

But the worst from all actions pointing to a mismanagement and mishandling of the crisis and EU members states not respecting the EU decisions is the dramatic rise of xenophobia and blind nationalism in the European countries. These two ghosts of the past that sank Europe in blood have nothing to do with “the values and the spirit of a united Europe” as the EU officials keep telling us – and do nothing, literally nothing to stop them.

The leadership of the European Commission, the European Union and the European Parliament, the many European Commissioners cannot pretend that they do not see the ticking bomb in Central and Eastern Europe.

They see and they are paralyzed. They do nothing. They are unable to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. On the contrary, they trigger xenophobia and nationalism again and again by not forcing member states to implement its decisions. Do the EU institutions have tools to enforce such measures? Of course,  they do have: they knew to implement them very well on Greece by cutting EU structural funds for almost two years.

Should this dangerous bomb explode, it will be too late to pick up the pieces not only for the countries themselves but also for the European Union. Drowned in mountains of papers, bureaucracy and regulations  the European Union has turned into a slow-paced institution without any authority over its member states apart maybe from imposing uniform standard forms for cucumber and toilet flushes.

The tragic irony is that those countries that were raising their forefinger in old school master style and pointed to Greece screaming that “Greece was not committed to agreements and did not implemented them,” it’s now these countries that they break the agreements they have agreed upon.

This is not a United Europe anymore, this is a Phony Europe. And this creature has nothing to do with the United Europe many of us used to believed in and support with all our heart.


Germany – Clausnitz: Crowd cheers arson at hotel converted into refugee shelter. the incident occured a few days after a mob blocked a bus carrying asylum seekers and chanted slogans.

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  1. Oh, my God – you are so out of sync with reality it is impossible to describe. Two things have happened to Greece: just as not following the rules of monetary union has almost caused Greece to be expelled from eurozone, the same way not following the rules of Schengen and Dublin is threatening the Greece to be expelled from free movement area. So stop PLEASE blaming everyone else a look into the mirror finally. Thank you!

    • You are wrong. In what way is Greece not following the rules of free movement? It appears that you are completely unaware of what has happened in Greece. Greece is being left to deal with a massive number of refugees with very little help from the EU, while the EU are passing billions of Euros to Turkey in an effort to stop them sending more. This is unsustainable as no country, let alone one as small as Greece would be able to cope with this number, which is growing every day.

      • First I will describe what a regular border management looks like:
        1/ Border protection – includes manpower (policemen), fences, infrared cameras, motion sensors, ships (sea border), helicopters, planes etc.
        2/ Re-admission agreement – everyone caught in a certain radius from border is being sent back to the country of his arrival automatically,
        3/ “Return” agreement – unsuccessful asylum seeker is returned to the country of origin.

        What I just described is REGULAR BORDER MANAGEMENT in Slovakia. It is a duty of each Schengen border state to protect its border and to negotiate specific re-admission agreements with its neighbours in order to fulfill the state duties as described in Schengen and in Dublin treaty.

        The problem of Greece is the same as the problem of Italy. If you dont stop the migration in the moment when you are confronted with tens or hundreds of migrants (using the 3 tools I described above)you cause so called “pull effect” (more and more will come) and suddenly you are confronted with thousands and tens of thousands of migrants.

        To ask other states for solidarity (relocation programs) after you have neglected your duties in border management the way Greece did – it is not solidary, it is a perversion. Everyone crossing the border in non-regular way is a ILLEGAL MIGRANT! He can change this status by asking for asylum in which case he becomes an ASYLANT. What Germany, Greece, Italy and other states have done – they have declared a mass migration process as refugee wave – is dis-respecting of international law!!! These are NOT refugees, they are MIGRANTS!

        • Naval country Slovakia gives advise on how to guard sea borders – exercises on the papers/maps are a cute hobby for generals who end up losing soldiers and battles in real life field.

          • Irony wont help you here, for it is possible to protect a sea border just as it is the case with a land border and everyone in Europe knows it, and if the sea-nation of Greece is not able to do it then it should take lessons from Australia for example OR GET OUT OF SCHENGEN! Simple as that…

          • lol we here prepare a fence made of refugees’ live jackets but don’t tell further. it’s a secret.

          • Not neccessary, just load the “refugees” onto ships and send them back. Why shouldnt it function is Greece when it functions in Australia? Butn order to do it you would have to make concessions to Turkey, right? And thats the problem, your “turkish problem” and rivality. Ok, if you dont want to protect the outer border of us all dont get angry when we act as we act (or as Austria is acting currently).

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            As long as the EU refuses to guarantee the outer frontier there will never be any European border and so it can not be protected as such, thanks to France and Germany being corrupted by weapons-industry never wanted this.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            You must talk about this so called “Australia”, an illegal European Ubermensch monster occupying a whole continent, migration is only allowed for Aryans with weapons? If they come with parachutes they will get shot off the sky with hunting rifles.

          • No, it is not possible or legal to close a sea border. End of discussion. And in case you didn’t understand, Australia in not in the EU, is not obliged to obey EU law as Greece is, and does not share a maritime border regulated by the Lausanne Treaty of 1923 with Turkey. Just to be clear: Greece is fully in conformity with EU law and it is other countries that are not.
            By the way, please explain to me how somebody with so little knowledge of law and geography, not to mention the specifics of Greece, feels entitled to post large quantities of bullshit on a blog where everyone else is actually more informed and competent. Is it some sort of God-given direction — like Moses and others in the Bible?

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Slovakia must have a lot of tanks if it’s not afraid of sending back refugees to Russia and in Slovakia they all speak Denglish but don’t know that “re-admission” is not implemented by Turkey since years? At least Turks know that saving more than 100.000 from drowning is border-protection…

          • Now, this is the interesting thing. Do you know how we got the re-admission agreement with Ukraine (our eastern neighbour, not Russia)? It lasted several years and our official had to create a bilateral trust. First, there were a common police guards on the border. We helped them, we cooperated and after several years Ukraine agreed to submit a re-admission agreement with Slovakia. You are right, it is not easy, no one ever said it is. Diplomacy must do its job and yeah, concessions have to be made (because we were the ones who wanted something). Or you can just complain and complain and complain and then blame everyoneelse or – that is even better – cry about the whole world hurting the good Greece, just like you are doing right now. Better said – your government.

          • Turkey is not obliged, is not an EU member

          • The same with Ukraine…

          • yes, but it wanted Full membership. Turkey does not, wants only Economic accession – read your books.

          • If you want something from your neighbour you have to find

          • Nice to see Greek “western” democracy in action 🙂
            “Keep talking Greece” censoring and manipulating discussion comments. Quite tragic.

          • told you: 3 comments free then charging starts: no payment the less words will be shown.

          • What nonsense, comparing Ukraine (a weak polity and economy, more or less at war with Russia) with Turkey — a powerful country which is quite ambiguous about its application for EU membership and more concerned to block Kurdish state aspirations in the region. Clearly, you have no understanding of geopolitics.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Sorry, stranger, but “Kurdish state aspirations” is Turkish propaganda, just like that they would fight PKK in South-East-Anatolia, in reality they only massacre the population and some militant demonstrators while PKK is forced to stay in the mountains because it’s still winter.

          • I support the Kurdish people of the region, and have many friends among them. It is they who have told me how Turkey views the “Kurdish problem” — terrified of possible loss of its south-eastern territory, and the presence of Kurds in adjacent countries. It is far from clear to me where the Kurdish state (which exists de facto in Northern Iraq) would have its limits, in a collapsing Syria. It is one of the reasons that the Kurds are the only people actually fighting ISIS, with real loss of life unlike the Yankies and Russians.

          • there can never be a big Kurdish sate as the Kurds in different countries will not be able to unite and the countries will not allow losing part of territories. bitter truth whatever the plans are.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            This author has a funny name… Ocalan’s no-state-solution ideas are may be also an idea for a solution in Greece, as it’s much more easy for a village than for a state to decide on f.i. windmills:
            May be the Yazidi Kurds want an own state but for sure the anti-progressive klans that control the Kurdish Peschmerga in Iraq want one, they are allies of Erdogun but have a huge economic problem also.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            EU must give guarantees regarding its outside borders first of all! Then no need to buy weapons and no need to be in NATO. But you just have no idea what you’re talking about. Turkey calls Casus Belli if Greece starts to exploit the Aegean sea that has, oh shit, a Greek name.
            Europeans want to have the outside borders controlled but give no guarantees for this borders and ignore 1.500 annual Turkish violations of Greek air space while crying about 400 Russian. It’s now a big chance for Europe to stop this Neo-Osman bullshit but stupid warmonger Austria drives Greece into conflict with more neighbours.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      There’s no free movement in Greece any way but it’s no problem to make it free again and let passengers board ferries to Italy without forcing them to give their name or passport; would make it also easier for refugees to get to the “real” Europe.
      Also no one can “expel” Greece but states that act against human rights can get kicked out of EU and before Lehman the growth in Greece was much higher than in Germoney, btw

    • Press Ignore.
      (another Slovak)

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    As it’s not their beef it must be pure by racism driven hatred as these proto-fascist middle-eastern “European” satellites never take in any refugee, neither send any support but have a big mouth. Do they really believe refugees will head for their wacky countries if Germoney runs out of tents? For them it might be better to get back behind the Iron Curtain as they just follow Moscow’s racist propaganda.
    Fitting into this impression is also that Saxon seems to be a part of CSSR.

  3. By the way, KTG — amid all the trolling and malakies posted here — congratulations on an excellent article. I agree 100% with your analysis and views.