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Let’s talk about “European Values”…

Let’s take a break. Let’s talk about the famous and much praised “European Values”, the rule of law, democracy, freedom, dignity and something they call “Human Rights”, I think.

Yes, let’s talk about “European Values”, when EU countries close borders and leave thousands of war refugees stranded.

Comments section is open for such a … talk. Be my guest!

refugees man carrying man

Man carries man on the way to Europe.

Any country that unilaterally rejects an EU law duly enacted on migration or otherwise cannot remain a member of the Union.

Peter Sutherland is United Nations Special Representative for International Migration

PS Unfortunately, I don’t know who shot this picture.

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  1. Austria is true to Austrian form, as in the initiation of the Great War which devastated Europe 1914-1918. Demanding what the Austrians knew would be rejected by Serbia, they invoked the support of their ally by treaty, Germany. Austria is/was responsible for WW2. A single Serb shot their Archduke outside Serbian territory, in Sarajevo, NOT the entire Serbian population, or even the government in Belgrade. Now we see the same tactic, an irresponsible policy, invented, and used again, by Austria, with other objectionable thoughtsin mind.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Now falls the Euro-centrist historians history on their feet, the history must be rewritten and date the beginning of World War One 1912, this is also important to understand all this Balkan, included Turkey. It simply cannot be that Greece best friend Germoney and most European states are not recognizing as genocide the mass-murder of Pontian and other Anatolian Greeks between 1912 and 1922; also from 1915 on Greeks were mass-murdered via forced labour in their “Amele Taburları” (Labour Battalions) for the German-Turkey train-tracks “Bagdad-Bahn”

    • Regarding the Great War, the book “Sleepwalkers” by Christopher Clark would help you get a better understanding of the circumstances leading to it.

      Regarding the current policies of the Austrian government, perhaps the below will help you get a better understanding of them.

  2. Everyone has the right to leave a country he lives in!
    No one has the right to enter a country he doesnt live in!
    There never was such right and never will be!

    Countries have VOLUNTARILY agreed to accept certain kind of people as a gesture of their generosity. The scale and size of this generosity was determined (multilateral agreed) in the international treaties and conventions.

    Someone coming from a war region IS NOT a reason for declaring him as a refugee automatically. As a “war zone people” they have right to claim so called “temporary protection”. They can obtain a refugee status as a result of asylum procedure in which case they have to proove they have been persecuted in some way (religion, race, etc…). Once they leave a safe country, they become economic migrants and as such there is no duty for any country to accept them. Thats how the Dublin functions and thats what Austria is currently re-imposing as there are several “safe countries” in between Syria and Austria.

    • Slovak you are wrong: . Article 14 of the UDHR states that “everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.”

      • That doesnt mean the asylum will be granted. I dont see any cotradiction.

        • To put it more specifically:
          1/ Everyone has the right to ask for asylum in Austria but
          2/ the Austrian state has full right to return such asylum-seeker to Greece as according to Dublin and Schengen treaties it is the country of his arrival into EU where his asylum-request should be evaluated and
          3/ unless the asylum-seeker prooves he has been persecuted (race, religion, sex,…) in Turkey, the asylum wont be granted!

          Simple as that. P.S. This is my 3rd comment and therefore the last one in this discussion (doesnt want to bring “keeptalkinggreece” to a collapse or something.

          • No, Austria does not have the right to return asylum seekers to Greece becuase the European Coyrt of justice suspended Dinlin returns to Greece. Also the Austrian courts, as well as german courts, did so (I think).
            And no, Turkey does not grant refugee status and is not considered a safe country by any EU country or court. So nbody can be returned to Turkey without legal process in Europe.
            Basically, all of your “facts” are lies.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            But when police forces – and in this case also from non-EU-countries – prevent from asking this rights it’s like the kindergarten rules are above the constitution. Again: Responsible are all the modern states that keep their embassies in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq aso closed to refugees, and this is also stupid from their point of getting rid of some tens of thousands militias as if done this way they can put in legal force to protect the embassies.
            But we know since Vietnam that all these “democracies” are cowards, slaughtering 2 million Vietnamese and only 50.000 Americans and Australians died because not to scare the voters, who profit as their compliants and lackeys; fighting a long war in Afghanistan only to keep the price of Heroin low to control their own underdogs fits perfectly…

            • – then you add Congo, Vietnma + X + you create a mess – sorry to say that bit it harms your own comments

  3. I am wondering why non-letal weaponry is not used to reduce crossings from Turkey? It is absolutely clear that in Turkey there is now full demontage of Ataturk legacy going on and total islamisation takes place. Expansion is absolutely typical for radical Islam, and that is governing Turkey of today.

    Is it not possible to fill the area over the water in the strait with tear gas?

    Otherwise Greece will have to abandon those islands and cover them with vitriole.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Atatürk was not very friendly to Greece either, the Osman Empire and his New Turks slaughtered up to one million Anatolian Greeks and of many Greek islands Turkey still believes they are Turkish because they were not mentioned in the treaties of Lausanne and Serves. So if you wanna clean Greek islands of Greeks go on, you will get your vitriol in your face from Greeks, from Turks and European antifascists.

  4. Actually the only leverage against Turkey will be a pact with Russia. Russia is still technically very much superior, if the military conflict with Russia will become very real for Turkey, they will have to respect interests of NATO countries and close the beaches all the islamists are leaving for Europe from.

  5. European values have been abandoned by politicians across the EU — and most particularly in the East where they do not have European values, since they know only Communist ideology and right wing neoliberal bullshit. Countries like Slavakia…
    Equally culpable, if not more, are Austria and France. Their politicians are more concerned with re-election and strong showing of Far Right neoNazi parties — so they conveniently forget any values than they might once have heard of. These cowards needs to be kicked out of office.
    Now we have another lunatic from Latvia suggesting that we put tear gas in the Aegean to stop refugees claiming their legal right to seek protection. Do tell us: what is wrong with the brains of people in North east Europe? Did Stalin replace them with papier-mache substitutes? Let me give you a few trivial reasons why TEAR GAS cannot be put in the Aegean:
    (1) It is a crime against humanity — i.e. disgusting
    (2) It will stop anyone using the Aegean and is unlswful just of that reason, as well as being a breach of the Treaty of Lausanne (so the Turks have the right to use the Aegean).
    (3) It is a direct contravention of the UN 1951 Treaty, which Greece is obliged to respect by its own Constitution, EU law, European Convention on HUman Right, and customary international law.
    (4)Last week, there was a Court ruling by ECHR against Greece for deporting to Turkey in 2011 an Iranian asylum-seeker. The litany of complaints against the Greek state is massive, with illegalities and mistakes one after the other — the guy being sent back and forth between the two countries about four times.
    So, does that answer your disgusting proposal, Latvian? And before you ask, gassing people to death in concentration camps is also unlawful, along with starvation and a whole range of other crimes. You may, in your limited education, have come across someone called Adolf Hitler. The conduct of his regime changed Europe permanently, or so we thought, after 1945. The international law, the Council of Europe, and the European Community are all outcomes of Europe’s determination NEVER to allow such atrocities to happen again. Yet, this is exactly where the lunatics in eastern Europe intend to drag the EU — back to the sub-human and criminal behaviour of the Nazis.

    • The key is gassing not to death, but to the level needed for preventing them from crossing the Aegean. Most of them are economic migrants, not refugees

      • I see that you are a true Nazi follower — propaganda and pure viciousness. No, 90% of the migrants arriving in Greece are considered to be refugees. This is the official view of UNHCR and Frontex.
        As for not gassing to death, I can only repeat my question: did Stalin replace the brains of east Europeans with papier-mache? The crass stupidity of your comment defies belief. I suppose this shows the level of contribution we can expect from latvia, slovakia and hungary in the EU.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Teargas the Aegean Meltemi and Greek fish will riot whole Greece but with good luck you will have a chemical reaction with water and salt, all back in Adolf’s face, cheers