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Fire breaks out in two army camps to turn into hot spots for refugees & migrants

A fire broke out in the restaurant hall of a military camp that is supposed to be turn into a hot spot to host refugees and migrants in Giannista, Northern Greece. The fire broke out at 10:30  p.m. on Saturday in “Filippaki” camp, the fire brigades managed to extinguish the fire before it got out of control.


Earlier farmers had blocked the road toand the entrance of the military camp with their tractors.

A few hours later, at around 3 a.m. on Sunday, a fired broke out in the biggest building of abandoned military camp “Kapsalis” also in the area.

There is currently no reliable information about the cause of the fires and whether there is a connection between the two incidents. some Greek websites speak of arson and racism.

Local website LogosPellas.gr notes

“The situation is difficult and dangerous if it starts to get out of control by those who oppose the creation of a hot spot in Giannitsa and the Filippaki camp.

Main thing is not to lose the control of what is happening, whether some people agree or disagree… like the fire some people set to the building on Sautrday night.”

The mayor of Giannitsa called citizens to show “caution and restraint” and denounced as the fire as “extreme action by unknown individuals.”

Those in Giannitsa know certainly better who are the extremists among them…. In recent days, there were several protests against the creation of the Hot Spot.

PS I thought Dresden was far away….

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