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Press Release: U.S. Democrats living in Greece – Voting Presidential Candidate, Mar 6/16

This is a Press Release by the US Democrats Living in Greece – Voting for Presidential Candidate. Please, read instructions and share.




For Immediate Release

27 February, 2016

 Americans in Greece help select Democratic Presidential candidate

  • U.S. Democrats living in Athens can vote in person for their favorite candidate on Sunday, March 6 at the Global Presidential Primary voting site
  • Americans living elsewhere in Greece can vote now by postal ballot, email or fax
  • Greece is one of more than 40 around the world hosting in-person voting

Democrats Abroad, the official arm of the Democratic Party outside the United States, has launched its campaign to help Americans citizens living abroad to nominate the U.S. Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee. (1)

Any Democrat living abroad (2) can take part in the Global Presidential Primary by joining Democrats Abroad via its webpage or the dedicated voter registration/ballot request tool, Membership is free.

There are two opportunities for Americans in Greece to vote in the Global Presidential Primary:

  • On March 6, Democrats living in or near Athens can vote in person at a dedicated Global Presidential Primary voting site. Site details and polling hours will be sent to members.
  • From now until March 8, Democrats who are unable to attend a voting site can vote remotely via postal ballot, email attachment or fax. Details at (3)

After March 8, the votes of Democrats living in over 190 countries worldwide will be counted. Any candidate receiving 15% or more of the primary votes cast will be awarded delegates in proportion to their support in the Global Presidential Primary.

Democrats Abroad will have 17 delegate votes at the Democratic Convention, held in Philadelphia on July 25-28, 2016. (4)

Karen Lee, Chair of Democrats Abroad Greece (DAGR), said, “This year, Democrats Abroad will help select a Presidential candidate that will represent the best aspirations of our nation.”

“We each can help choose the candidates to represent us in Congress on our home state ballots,” she added, “but the Global Presidential Primary brings us all together to help elect the country’s chief executive and it draws attention to issues that affect us as citizens living outside the country.”

“In the lead up to the Presidential election this November, we will be signing up new members and engaging with our existing membership to help register and turn out the vote of the many Americans living in Greece.”

For more information, contact Karen Lee, Chair of Democrats Abroad Greece, at [email protected] or 693 270 0095.


  1. Democrats Abroad is unique: unlike the Republicans, Democrats Abroad’s leadership is elected by the organization’s members, and only Democrats Abroad holds a dedicated primary, which allows the members living in more than 190 countries around the world the opportunity to record their presidential preference and directly affect the Democratic Party’s choice of its nominee.
  1. To be eligible, voters must be US citizens and 18 as of November 8. Democrats living overseas can vote for a Presidential candidate in either the Global Presidential Primary or their home state’s equivalent via absentee ballots. They cannot vote in both.
  1. Democrats Abroad holds a combination of regional and worldwide caucus meetings from April 12-May 13, 2016, to choose who will be the delegates to the Democratic National Convention. These meetings will culminate in Democrats Abroad’s Global Convention in Berlin on May 14-15, 2016
  1. Democrats Abroad will send a total of 21 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The thirteen elected delegates will be pledged to a candidate. Eight more will be Democrats Abroad’s members on the Democratic National Committee. These eight delegates each have half a vote, therefore giving Democrats Abroad a total of 17 delegate votes at the convention. A detailed summary of the process of selecting delegates as well as our Diversity Program for those who wish to run to be a delegate can be found at our new website,


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  2. Who do you think we should vote for then Hillary the liar or Burney the draft dodger Marxist.