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Greece turns down invitation for police chief’s meeting from FYROM, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia

The Greek government declined an invitation to participate in a second meeting of police chiefs from four Balkan countries — Fyrom, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia — along with Austria, which was held on Tuesday in Belgrade on the pressing issue of border controls.

The first such meeting was held in Zagreb on Feb. 18.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias had condemned the initiative as unilateral and outside EU norms, clarifying that decisions from the meeting violated the agreement at the recent European Summit on the border and refugee issue.

Athens turned down the invitation, which also precluded the possibility of making the previous Zagreb meeting “legal”.   via AthensNewsAgency

Ps if I’m not wrong, Greece was not even invited in the first meeting.

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  1. Absolutely outrageous that these countries allow police chiefs to make government policy. This is the action of a police state — and Greece was right to refuse.
    And yes, KTG, you are correct: the first meeting (where they decided to close the borders in defiance of EU and UN law) excluded Greece and Germany.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you wrong. not the WestBalkan conference but anothe rmaong police chief’s, they did not decide to close borders.

  2. Seems the key here is that by not attending this meeting, the meeting is not ‘legal’.

    • Well, nothing that is being done is legal anyway. It’s the same shit as with the eurozone problems: Europeans (and Balkans) are incapable of obeying even European law, let alone international law. We are in a terrible condition — morally, politically and economically.