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How a Himalayan Cat got involved in Greek politics

Himalayan Cats are a noble breed with long hair, a breed coming to life from crossing between Persian and Siamese cats. These beautiful creatures are known for their  sparkling blue eyes and unique markings on their luxurious coats. Fully aware of their uniqueness, Himalayan cats are also known for being very picky and share affection and cuddles only with a very limited number of paw-picked humans they select according to very strict criteria. They are calm cats who strongly prefer a comfortable environment full of peace and tranquility. And. They are famous for keeping secrets.

himalayan cat

Now one of this exquisite breed got involved in Greek politics. How comes? She was reportedly witness to a secret meeting between Alexis Tsipras and the powerful media man Stavros Psycharis who leads the DOL Media Group that publishes many newspapers (Ta Nea, To Vima) websites like <in.gr> and has a share in private Mega TV, and a radio. A meeting that took place before SYRIZA won the elections of January 25th 2015 and Tsipras became Prime Minister.

As there is a “war of words” between the government and the television channels owners over the broadcasting licenses, Psycharis’ Sunday newspaper To Vima revealed the secret meetings – four in total – the two men had before the elections. The title was “The leader, the publisher and …the Himalayan Cat.

The meeting took place in the apartment near the Hilton Hotel, owned by a close friend of Alexis Tsipras. A friend who was also servant to the Himalayan Cat – as all cat lovers would know to admit.

One of these four meetings took place in July 2014, short after Tsipras had won the European Parliament elections. The two men were alone; the apartment owner had left in discretion, but had left the cat behind.

The whole story is long and reads like a polit-thriller with a scent of “suspicious intermingling between politics and media.”

The meeting/s were allegedly aiming the “mutual benefits” for the two men.

The media man should allegedly support Tsipras and SYRIZA through his newspapers, websites and other tools he had available, while in return the politician should allegedly help him with the huge loans he had taken from the banks and furthermore “help him to become the sole owner of Mega TV.”

The revelations of Sunday ended in an open war of words and a non-stop exchange of fire shots between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and DOL-man Stavros Psycharis with both sides accusing each other that it was the other side that wanted a favor.

To tell you the truth I could not spend much time to read each and every detail, and “frankly, my dear readers, I don’t give a cat.”

The point is that the rare but extremely catchy “Himalayan Cat” experienced a dramatic attention among Greeks who the only thing they knew coming from  the highest mountains of the world until last Sunday was the “the Pink Salt from Himalaya.”

The Hashtag “gata_Imalaion” became super trendy on Twitter and everybody had – and still has – fun. Except from the said cat, the eye- and ear-witness of the meeting.

himalayan cat

now Greek proverb coming up: as discreet as a Himalayan Cat


Rumors have it that when asked by media for interviews on- or off-the record, the said Himalayan Cat allegedly claimed she “was not available.”

PS Himalayan cats are a good choice to be eye-and ear-witnesses of secret meetings. Apparently the silent aspect of Persian cats overrules the talkative Siamese ankle.

A summary of the revelations in English you can read here.

Some things you didn’t know about H.Cats are here.

PS …And I say, hey hey hey hey
I said hey, what’s going on?

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