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FinMin imposes “price cap” to 9 items to avoid refugees been ripped off

A half liter of bottled water for 2 instead of 0.50 euro just because the client is a refugee? The left-wing government could not allow this. After several complaints that some sneaky businessmen have been charging double and triple prices to refugees and migrants, the Finance Ministry decided to put a price cap for several items. The new price list will be valid to all shops along the Athens-Idomeni-Thessaloniki-Eyzonoi route the refugees use to reach the borders.

The price cap refers to a total of 9 items, like bottled water, coffee, tea, sandwiches/toasts, fruit juices.

The FinMin decision states: ‘In order to avoid phenomena of exploitation and other fraudulent practices, a maximum selling prices for certain items, which are sold by points – businesses located along the road Athens – Thessaloniki – Evzoni and directly access the said highway or side – parallel roads and the provincial road connecting Evzoni the Idomeni “.


1) Bottled water 500 ml, domestic or not, cold or not: 500 ml  €0,50 – 750ml €0.60 – 1.5 liter €1.00

2) Toast/sandwich with cheese,baked or unbaked € 1.25, Plus turkey €1.45

3) Tea drink hot €1.00 – cold €1.20

4) Milk fresh or long-expiration in packs of 1000 ml €1.50

5) fruit juices 250ml €1.00

obliged to sell items at these prices are Fastfood restaurants, pubs, coffee shops 7 bars, mini markets, petrol stations, other outlets located in the areas presented in the FinMin announcement.

It should be noted that these prices are for take away. If clients sit down and get service then prices change but blame the weird Greek Value Added Tax!

The Greek FinMin punishes with a €500 fine those violating this price list and with another 500 EUR if they claim shortage of these goods.

However, on some “issues” the FinMin cannot impose a price cap… There have been complaints that some owners of coffee shops charged 8 euro per toilette visit, others obliged the people to buy a coffee (1.50 euro in average) and some cashed 5 euro fo allowing a refugee to charge his telephone device.

PS we all know how these ‘price cap lists’ can be violated: the businessmen claim for example there have no 500ml-bottled water. We all have experienced this in the past in ports and airports and train stations, kiosks, theaters, haven’t we? But after fines started to be imposed, some order was established..

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  1. Never let a good crisis go to waste! A true entrepreneurial spirit. While at the same time these sales people are probably cursing other European countries for closing the borders. These kind of people are a stain on the otherwise good Greek people.