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Merkel plays false & urges Greece to provide shelter for 50,000 refugees

Greece needs to deliver quickly on its promise to provide accommodation for 50,000 refugees and the European Union should help Athens with this task, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a media interview published on Saturday.

“Originally, Greece should have created 50,000 accommodation places for refugees by the end of 2015,” Merkel told German tabloid Bild am Sonntag.

“The backlog must be resolved now at lightning speed because the Greek government has to guarantee decent accommodation.”

Merkel, under pressure to reduce the number of new arrivals after more than one million migrants entered Germany last year, said Greece could count on more help from other EU states.

“I know from my talks with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that he wants to do this, but that he needs our help, and that’s why the EU must and will support Greece in solidarity. (English via Reuters)

I miss a major point here: what does Merkel mean with “originally”? Which EU decision does she refer to?

According European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Greece committed on October 25th 2015 to open enough reception centers to host 30,000 refugees, while the United Nations would provide another 20,000 places through private accommodation (rent private accommodation).

How about these other EU member-states that were supposed to take in thousands of refugees form Greece and Italy? EC Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulso said today that from the 160,000 refuges supposed to have been relocated only 660 were allowed to do so.

Here is EU Relocation scheme decision on 22. September 2015


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  1. Greeks are lazy and fat. They cause huge healthcare costs. If Greeks will house refugees, they will eat less and work more, their healthiness and happiness will increase.

    • Latvians are mindless Stalinists who think that by reciting right wing propaganda they are no longer communist sheep.

      • That was funny!

        • Thank you, but I was being serious 🙂

          • Today Greeks are the best friends of Stalinists in Russia

          • Today, East Europeans are the best friends of Adolf Hitler. Where are you going with these stupid comments?

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Sounds like the typical masterrace-losers that dream for a return of national currencies in south of Europe to have cheap holidays and wanna buy houses at the seaside for “retirement” with the former owner as slave, as they are also too fat to clean their arseholes.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      You can start learning Spanish, Greek and Italian as all Europeans that don’t have any health care insurance will come to enjoy your perfect health-system. And provide real coffee, Raki and garlic and a basket for your brown toilet-paper

  2. Latvians are dull-witted and destitute. If they were to rejoin their Soviet masters, they will have some direction in life and be be able to worship their better.

  3. Merkel reveals herself as a liar and nasty piece of work. Every EU state — including Germany — has broken EU and international law, other than Greece. Greece is in minor breach of the Schengen Border Code with many bureaucratic requirements glossed over — either because there was not enough machinery from the European Commission or simply not enough personnel to deal with up to 10,000 arrivals per day.
    As I am saying repeatedly, the Greek politicians have to get it into their thick heads that they are being fucked over by the EU. Did they fail to notice that Turkey is taking none of the EU shit?
    As with the eurozone crisis, the only option for Greece is very simple: the country has to fuck the EU at every opportunity and cause endless trouble that even the Nazis cannot handle. Starting point: refuse to implement EU law on migration, as the rest of the EU is not doing so. Point 2: take outstanding issues to the Court of Justice. Point 3: advise that Greece is suspending the UN 1951 convention and all EU law on migration, and request a special session of the UN Security Council to address the global refugee crisis that is hitting Greece.
    Of course, I would be happy to advise with colleagues from across the world, to help Greece. The sad fact is that Syriza appointed their buddies and relatives to advise them and they are totally out of their depth. This is what happens when corruption and nepotism prevail: you lose your country.

  4. Merkel can trash Greece, Austria and the Balkan countries all she wants but these countries are actually -unwillingly- saving her political ass. This woman has to go.

  5. Xenos

    You missed what should be Point 1. Simply declare the bailout debt onerous due to the EU imposing massive unfunded burdens on Greece and skip a few payments.

    Truthfully, I think that the government should have adopted Zoe K’s report that the debt was, indeed, onerous and refuse to pay it. The money was not lent to benefit the people of Greece, but to protect French and German banks.

    • Yes, the debt is clearly onerous. The problem is how to stay in the eurozone, as a collapsed new currency would cause more harm than good. This, despite the fact that there is no way to expel a country from the euro. But as we have seen, Germany and her buddies have no respect for laws or rules: the Germans merely tell others to obey their rules.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        One can live without currency and without state(s) and if the perspective is zero to nothing inside the capitalist system every nothing and zero outside of it sounds much better but if there would be any perspectives inside of it even this demands radical change, real reforms like the banning of all oil-driven ships from the Aegean would bring mega growth and as this can’t happen today, until tomorrow every oil-driven ship that enters has to pay a million bucks or more to finance the change.

        • EURO is needed critically for Greek ruling elites. For the nation it is no difference EURO or local currency.

      • For what you need EURO? You can easily operate hard and soft currencies in parallel. All the transition of 90-ies happened this way.