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Golden Dawn MEP expelled from EP Plenary over racist remarks against Turks (video)

Member of far-right Golden Dawn was expelled from the European Parliament on Wednesday, for racist remarks. European Parliament President Martin Schulz excluded GD MEP Eleftherios Synadinos from a plenary session, when the MEP in an unprecedented move used racist remarks against Turkish people.

GD EU parliament

“Turks are like wild dogs,”  “dirty and polluted Turks” said Synadinos, a former army lieutenant general, said earlier today during a debate on the EU-Turkey Summit.

“As it has been expressed in scientific literature, the Turks are dirty and polluted. Turks are like wild dogs when they play but when they have to fight against their enemies they run away. The only effective way to deal with the Turks is with decisive and resolute attitudes”, said Synadinos.

As some MEPs tweeted, “President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz excluded a Golden Dawn MEP from the chamber for appalling racist remarks. Ushers remove him under protest.”

Video: Martin Schulz decision, tells Synadinos to leave the chamber

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Schulz’s decision to exclude Synadinos from the chamber was welcomed  by MEP’s applaud – only the Le Pen group did not applaud.

Martin Schulz:

“This morning there was an incident in the Chamber and I believe that the European Parliament should not fail to react to it. We absolutely must react to the incident. I’d like to quote the sentence, which, firstly, I don’t think [is] acceptable and secondly I think … must be sanctioned”, explained President Schultz, which quoted Syndino’s sentence above, for the record.

At the beginning, Synadinos refused to follow Schulz’s call to leave the session, but he complied after ushers approached. He took his papers and left the Plenary, while the other two fellow Golden Dawn MEPs shouted at the President demanding to take the floor, calling martin Schulz a “fascist”.

Martin Schulz said also that “Synadinos will be heard on this incident.”

Last week he and another GD MEP  caused  an incident and shouted “there is no Turkish minority” in Greece, during a EP conference meeting.

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  1. Poof, paf, nonsense.

    Scheuble and “Siggy” Gabriel have said similar about Greeks.

    The entire chamber thinks Greeks are dirty dogs, “wogs”, beyond the pale etc, let alone Turks!!….the entire chamber are “racist” but plays at fake shock.

    • I don’t think any of them dared say it in the Chamber. This is as much a matter of appearances as anything, of course.

    • Could you please exactly repeat, what “similar things” (and when) Schäuble and Gabriel said?

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        More than 6 years anti-Hellenistic hunting like Goebbels is not enough, now starts the goat-shit picking again. Pegida wouldn’t exist without the demagoguery that was hoping that Nazis start pogroms against Greeks and holding the Greek diaspora in central Europe hostage is nothing at all, only “bashing”.

  2. I certainly have no love for GD but i must agree with the sentence, “there is no Turkish minority” in Greece. they are Greek citizens of Muslim religion. The same as the Orthodox Turks living in Turkey, both groups citizens of the respective countries.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      And all “Ponti are Gypsies”:
      Hüseyin Zeybek from Xanthi, Mustafa Mustafa and Ayhan Karayusuf from Rhodopes provinces were elected as representatives of the Turkish community in the Greek Parliament

    • No, the situation is not as simple as you claim. A minority of the Thraki Muslims self-identified as Turks in 1923; in recent decades many, especially Roma, decided to join them in calling themselves Turks as they were so sick of the Greek state and its deliberate exclusion and economic oppression.
      The Orthodox in Turkey are few and are not necessarily Greeks; most Orthodox people in Turkey converted to Islam or fled the country since the 1950s. The ones who arrived in Greece were not well treated, and denied Greek citizenship.
      In both cases, the Greek and Turkish states have behaved disgustingly.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        it was GR state policy that decided to turn them in a group of ‘muslim minority’

        • Yes, of course. I started with the aftermath of the Lausanne Treaty. Given the overall exchange of populations, if Greece had insisted on Muslims leaving western Thraki, there would have been nobody living there. Moreover, the remoteness of the area was a problem for economic development (if they had placed incoming ethnic Greeks there) so the State decided to leave the Muslims there in isolation and poverty. That is one of the reasons so many later self-identified as “Turks”, even when they are not.
          It was also a political deal to “balance” the number of Greeks left in Constantinople, albeit not for long.

  3. Agatha mantanes

    Like the Turks are not racists!!!!

  4. Turks have accepted over 3 million Syrians into their borders without batting an eye. They may have some problems with Kurdish terrorists over their eastern borders but I don’t think that they are in any way racist.

    There is history between every country in the world. So obviously there are some bad feelings towards each other (for example greece vs. turkey) but Turkish people seem to have lost their interest in their old feuds with their old enemies. They have focused on their expansion as well as modernisation. The Golden Dawn MP only tries to fuel a fire that has long been extinguished. I wish they didn’t allow people like him on the European Union’s politics. It is a shame for both his own party and country. It is also a shame for the Union. EU is supposed to represent fundamental human values and their protection. But instead, all the EU and its parliament is trying to do is save their own asses by trying to shut off their borders and forget their own humanity.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Kurdish “terrorists” are still caught by winter up in the mountains outside of Turkey, what you try to sell as “terrorists” are militant youth at street-barricades and radical-democratic and collectively-organised neighbourhoods, they get slaughtered by Turkish tanks while playing loud racist Osman-hymns out of their loudspeakers, also in lots of European cities you can find organized extrem right Turks (Grey Wolves) that are in numbers often stronger than the organized extreme right of the hosting cities and just “normal” racist incidents happened in Western Turkey as Pogroms against Roma populations and also riots against Syrians happened. In fact the story with the 16 Greek islands that are questioned by Turkey as to be Greek came up as an answer by Davoutoglou to a question of the MHP/Grey-Wolves Turkish Nazi-Party

      • PKK is considered as terrorist organization by many international organisations. Please stop terror propoganda on this page. ISIS is fighting collectively too. There is no good or bad terrorist on the world.

        • How about the US terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan? How about the Saudi terrorism and war crimes in Yemen? How about the Turkish financing of terrorism in Syria? If the PKK is terrorist, then the Turkish governent is as well.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            As Kurds not even want a state the saying that “the state is the only terrorist” makes perfect sense also

    • thanks Kimmel.. you explained everything so good ..

  5. Mr. Martin Mchulz is an other one politician that adores Turkey.
    As teenager has watched the movie “lawrence of arabia”
    and loved the hospitality of turks to lawrence when
    lawrence was arrested by turks …

  6. what a shame for those people who was chosen as MPbut speaks so racist,humiliating a nation..i have Turk friends and they ar most nice people i have ven met..i think racism and racist people are like dogs who needs treatment..

    • Presumably, the people who elected him knew that he was a xenophobic and rather nasty fascist, who fits in well with Golden Dawn. It’s their fault for electing someone in that “party”.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      What Tsipras brings from his visit to Turkey looks like real smart politician deals: High velocity trains from Istanbul to Igoumenitsa, direct flights Athens to Ankara and Athens to Ismir, ferries Ismir to Salonika and both hubs-cooperation, more co-op in long distance Aegean tourism, gas-pipes, less air space violations and even a Turkish rethinking of the Casus Belli bullshit. Unbelievable, this also means Turkey will not torpedo the reunification of Cyprus as she wants gas runs and still seeing Greece as her strongest ally for joining EU.
      Given that Kotzias was about to solve the name dispute with Skopje… before the idiots there believed into Austrian lies like “Close the border and we’ll make you EU, don’t worry about an Athenian veto, we’re about kicking out Greece anyway”

  7. The EU is a completely undemocratic organization. I guess Turkey will fit in just fine. As for Greece, I would urge that she depart this disgusting organization ASAP. Greece has become Europe’s scapegoat. There is racism and there is racism. What the hell has the rest of Europe done to Greece?! That is not racism? The sky is not blue.

    Stay strong, Greece.

  8. I attempted to comment once before, but was apparently excluded. I don’t know if this one will show up either. If it does, I will write back.