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Latest data: 42K refugees registered in Greece; 13K in Idomeni as Athens prepares to move them by Sunday

According to the Refugees Crisis Management Coordination body, there are  41,973 refugees currently in Greece. According to data released on Thursday. If there is confusion about the numbers of the registration, please, note that the number are real registrations and that they lag behind arrivals by a day or two.

9,428 refugees are on the islands of Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Kastellorizo, Kos, Leros and Kalymnos

9,623 are hosted in the region of Attica

12,000 refugees are at Idomeni camp at the borders between Greece and FYROM

New arrivals in the last 24 hours coming from Turkey reached 2,373 (source)

While the army zealously prepares new camps, Greek media report on Thursday that the government will remove refugees from Idomeni by Sunday.

This morning 300 refugees were taken from Piraues port to an army camp in Larissa.

Many refugees allegedly do not want to move to organized camps across the country, hoping to reach Idomeni and from there to their dream countries.

However, despite the sealing of borders along the Balkan Route, a bunch of fraudsters promise them to bypass the closed borders and offer them transfer service for quite a few hundred euro per person. Two of these fraudsters were arrested by Greek police in areas close to Piraeus the other days, Justice has called for prosecutors to deepen investigation of cases where refugees are been ripped off or fall victims of fraudsters.

Here are some spread sheets of UNHCR numbers about Greece registrations – entrance to FYROM and Austria for the time between February 17th and March 9th 2016.

Greece – Total registrations 50,714

entrance to FYROM: 7,341 (zero since March 8th)

entrance to Austria: 8,685

of those registered, 34% are children, 20% women and 47% men. Non-Syrians are approximately 41%

PS I see, no numbers of migrants though.

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