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More than half of Greek taxpayers owe to the state 86.3 billion euro

While the majority of Greeks has helped in one or another way the thousands of refugees in the country, it is the same Greeks who sink in debts in the sixth year of economic crisis and austerity measures. Cuts in pensions, wages, long-term unemployment and over-taxation has pushed millions of households in impoverishment and to debts they cannot serve.

   3.6 million Greek taxpayers owe at least 3,000 euro to the tax office

According to data published by the General Secretary of Public Revenues:

on 1. January 2016

4,305,153 Greek taxpayers owe to the state a total of

                    86.298 billion euro

The debts to customs authorities are not included in this data.

Total number of registered taxpayers: 8.6 million

Daily Eleftheros Typos notes that “It is obvious that the successive tax collection measures imposed for the time period 2010-2015 and the implementation of MoU [bailout programs] has led more than 4.3 million Greeks to be indebted to a level that they cannot pay back their debts/taxes in time.

One in five Greeks has experienced “seizing” of his deposits, salary, pension or income from rent due to this debts to the tax authorities.

PS Of course, the data of the SG of Public Revenues does not include the taxpayers’ debts to utility companies. Neither does it have date about the private debts of the debtors-taxpayers who borrow money from relatives and friends to make the month ends meet, to buy food, pay medication and utility bills. These are the very private debts hidden under the carpet of human dignity in the 6th year of economic crisis.

And yet these are the Greeks who donate food, blankets, clothes and all the possible goods to the refugees, open their homes to host families with children and offer them protection from rain and cold.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Most of these “debts” are not debts but brutal fines and interest

  2. I wish the government would make a distinction between those who are “willing to pay but can’t pay” and those who “could pay but contest the paying”. Obviously, that distinction could not be 100% accurate but a good guess would be sufficient.