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Angelina Jolie in Greece meets cheering refuges, PM Tsipras (videos, picts)

After several changes in her flight schedule, Hollywood star and Special Envoy for UNHCR Angelina Jolie landed in Athens on Wednesday morning. she immediately left for the port of Piraeus in order to take a first hand information about the living conditions of the several thousands refugees camping there.


“I am very happy to be here,” Jolie told journalists.

angelina jolie

Young refugees give Angelina Jolie a bracelet.

Video: surrounded by refugees, people shout “Don’t push!”

Greek media report that “She has a permanent smile on her face”

Jolie meeting a volunteer

She will reportedly visit more refugee camps in Attica and will fly to Thessaloniki in the afternoon. From there she is supposed to go to Idomeni and visit the refugees camp.

Video: Refugees cheer Jolie

Angelina Jolie has allegedly requested for a meeting with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. It is not clear whether Tsipras will grant her an appointment as the Prime Minister is confronted with a huge government crisis, as his coalition government partner Panos Kammenos instists on the resignation of Migration Minister Yannis Mouzalas because the latter called FYROM “Macedonia”.

Jolie’s original plan was to visit the Greek island of Lesvos currently hosting some 5,000 refugees. The plan was modified for technical reasons.

At 5  p.m. Angelina Jolie met with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in his office.

tsipras jolie1

tsipras jolie

more pictures here

PS I wouldn’t wonder, if Angelina Jolie applies for the position of the Greek Migration Minister (ok, sorry, bad joke!)

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  1. Why they Usa dont get the Refugees. The Usa Bomb in the Middle East Irak Afganistan Lybia. And Attack Assad in Syria.!!! Only 25 Procent of Refugees from Syria the Rest from Afganistan Irak Lybia

    And than came Angelina Jolie. Only 3000 Refugees are sent to Usa.

    Why the Usa dont help. No.1 in Weapon Sales!!!! 2016 was a Record Year.The First in Attacks Countries And the Last to Help Refugees

    I wish more of Usa to help the People Around the World. Please Help!

    Im from Germany BAyern

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    The USA can’t take refugees in as it is an illegal and racist state existing only temporarily on squatted areas where never was meant to be any state, applies for Asylum can only be made in reservations camps but guess they’re not able to take any before 300 millions European squatters go back to Europe.

  3. Hmm. The last time AJ had anything to do with Greece [Brad Pitt & AJ support Greece!] was the day before Tsipras’ government capitulated in July. No follow up comment, maybe they lost interest. And the time before was also simultaneous with something not good though I can’t remember..I see her as a Bad Luck charm :((

  4. Her acting skills entails having the mother of Alexander the Great and a Russian spy have the same accent. She directed a (flopped) movie about a rape-love story (!) in Bosnia demonizing the Serbs. When she was asked if she would make a movie about the almost 1 million Serb refugees of the wars in Yugoslavia (after all she is ambassador for UNHCR) she said it was up to others to do that. These Hollywood stars are selective in their cause.