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EU leaders meet in Brussels, volunteers rush with supplies to refugees

The Euro leaders summit (EUCO) in Brussels started at 5 o’ clock Thursday afternoon. One by one the 28 Leaders entered the Summit hall and made statements in front of the press. Based on many of these statement, I can summarize my impressions: neither the 28 will agree with each other today, nor with Turkey tomorrow.

It looks as if the majority of 28 do not agree that they have to commit themselves to relocation scheme and oppose the option to accept refugees in their countries.


Before EUCO Summit, EP president Martin Schulz said that “22 of 28 EU member states want no participation in EU’s refugee relocation scheme.”

Hungary’s PM Orban said “he will fight against obligatory refugee resettlement from Turkey.” EU commission and EUCO draft forsee first obligatory relocation and voluntary at a later point. So far the voluntary relocation from Greece and Italy has not worked and just some over 900 people were relocated to other EU countries since October 2015, when the issue was agreed upon.

And this will be practically the end of the story “European Union trying to solve the Migration crisis.”

If the 28 do not agree among themselves, then there will be no agreement with Turkey too. At least: no agreement that will function in reality and not on EU papers only.

However, also the EU-Turkey deal is not a piece of cake due to the many human rights violations and persecution of media people and academics. Also Cyprus has a word to say here and Nicosia hints, it “will not agree with EU-turkey deal for refugees and opening new EU accession chapters if Ankara does not recognizes Nicosia.”
President Anastasiadis to Euronews:”Turkey has to open its harbours/airports (to Cypriots),normalize its relations with Cyprus, someething that it doesn’t do.”

Without the relocation scheme, at least 45,000 refugees and migrants will have to be trapped in Greece for an unpredictable period of time and turn the country into a huge “hot spot of souls”, a country that cannot even feed its own people due to the ongoing economic crisis.

While, the EU leaders decide more in direction of their national interests and their own priorities and less about the well-being of refugees, again and again, I get deeply touched to see people like you and me, getting “stuff” together, fully pack their cars and drive hundreds of kilometers to take supplies to refugees and migrants – where ever these are.

And these are the people, just a few of them displayed here, who make you believe that Humanity is not lost – no matter what the men in EU suits decide.

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  1. Each cat breeds 10 kittens each year. What would happen with the cat population if no kittens died ahead of time? The population would get to astronomical levels. This never happens in nature. The cats die from hunger, predators, exclusion from resources by other cats.
    Each cat has to protect its territory and show its strength to other cats, otherwise it is lost to natural selection
    Humans are the same.

    • I sense you must be one of these Eastern Europeans who joined the EU so they wouldn’t be lost to natural selection. You know the ones – the ones who are pro Eu when it comes to subsidies, visa free travel for their citizens, structural funds, etc. and anti Europe when it comes to solidarity and obligations.

      A little natural selections wouldn’t hurt Europe when it comes to them…

      • I guess in Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia etc. — just in case the cats evade death by starvation or predators — they kill the kittens just in case. You know, you can never be too confident that Mother Nature will do what you want her to do — better to make sure.
        Of course, it is a basic principle of the UN Declaration on Human Rights that humans have the right to life, among other things. But Stalin and his buddies in Eastern Europe didn;t sign that — that’s why humans have no more rights than cats, in Eastern Europe.
        The big question is how did we even end up with these savages as part of the European Union. Did nobody ever think about their mentality, how they don’t actually belong to Europe any more? They belong with Putin: it is absolutely clear from all the commnents posted across the web, and all the speeches from their neoNazi politicians.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you are nuts

  2. As with me too, individuals display great humanity and solidarity with the poor patsy migrants tossed out of their temporary UNHCR refugee housing in Turkey and forced to make this totally unnecessary and dangerous sea journey to Greece in winter no less.

    But that is the human level.

    At the geopolitical level the refusal of EU to toe NATO’s line – cloaked in nonsense about money etc – is interesting. No doubt they are trading favours behind the scene like Orban who says No in Visigrad group but gives formerly refused eastern border to NATO in exchange. This is obviously accepted as a good trade.

    Where this leaves Greece is also a trade-off with [no.1for the duration] NATO member Turkey – unspoken of course!