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GD-member charged with murder of rapper Fyssas, 34, released from custody

Giorgos Roupakias, charged with the murder of leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas in September 2013, has been released from custody after completing the maximum of 18 months in pretrial detention.

Roupakias arrived at his home in Tavros suburb in South Athens surrounded py policemen and media.

“Murderer! Thug! Shame on you!” students from School for Public Administration next to his home were shouting at Roupakias, who stabbed to death leftist-rapper Pavlos Fyssas, 34.

Videos and pictures of his home as well as the exact address has been published in Greek media.

Roupakias will be allowed to leave his home only to attend court sessions for his trial, he is banned from leaving the country.

Video: Roupakias refrained to answer reporters’ questions, among them “what do you say to Fyssas’ family.?

The release of Roupakias, a self-confessed member of Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, came after a ruling by a council of appeals court judges last month.

Supreme Court president Vassiliki Thanou recently criticized the Athens Bar Association (DSA) and the Justice Ministry for failing to take action to ensure the trial of Roupakias and other Golden Dawn members was completed before their pretrial detention ended.

Vassiliki Thanou served as “acting Prime Minister” for the month before the September 2015 elections.

The murderer is out, Pavlos Fyssas in the grave… No wonder, that Roupakias’ release makes the society angry.

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