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EU-Turkey deal: An “army” of EU staff to move to Greece (details)

Staff, staff and more staff is needed for the operational implementation of the EU-Turkey deal with regards to sending back refugees and migrants to Turkey. Below is an exerpt from the European Commission/Council Questions and Answers on the issue – which, of course, leaves many answers open – with the first of them: How is it possible that foreign judges will operate in Greece!

What operational support will Greece need in order to implement the scheme?

The implementation of the agreement will require huge operational efforts from all involved, and most of all from Greece. EU Member States agreed to provide Greece at short notice with the necessary means, including border guards, asylum experts and interpreters.

The Commission estimates that Greece will need:

Around 4,000 staff from Greece, Member States, the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and FRONTEX

  • For the asylum process: 200 Greek asylum service case workers, 400 asylum experts from other Member States deployed by EASO and 400 interpreters
  • For the appeals process: 10 Appeals Committees made up of 30 members from Greece as well as 30 judges with expertise in asylum law from other Member States and 30 interpreters
  • For the return process: 25 Greek readmission officers, 250 Greek police officers as well as 50 return experts deployed by Frontex. 1,500 police officers seconded on the basis of bilateral police cooperation arrangements (costs covered by FRONTEX)
  • Security: 1,000 security staff/army

Material assistance:

  • Transport: return from the islands: 8 FRONTEX vessels with a capacity of 300-400 passengers per vessel) and 28 buses
  • Accommodation: 20,000 short-term capacity on the Greek islands (of which 6,000 already exist)
  • Administration: 190 containers, including 130 for EASO case workers

source & more on financial assistance here

As the EU staff is ready to move to Greece as soon as possible – even next week -, I assume that candidates’ selection and application procedure has been already concluded. Which means that the job vacancies were open long ago. Even before the first EU-Turkey Summit beginning of March. On Friday it was just a paper handed over to Pm Davutoglu to agree upon. The 28 of the EU – Greece incl – had long decided what it had to be done. Trap at least 50,000 refugees and migrants to Greece.

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  1. This is not going to end well. There is still no acceptance of refugees into the EU: so they will remain stuck in Greece and Turkey. The so-called 1-for-1 deal has a ceiling of 70,000 Syrians that could potentially be relocated from Turkey. 70,000 out of more than 2 million! How is that going to encourage Syrians to just wait in Turkey?
    Sorry, but this is 100% malakies.

  2. I would like to ask K.T G. –
    Why would the leader of the European Union delibeately invite millions of refugees to Europe –
    To destroy the place or has the place been destroyed already & the refugees are chaos to hide it?
    Or has something terrible already happened
    Something so terrible & the mass migration is to create a diversion to hide the real catastrophy ?
    Has there been some kind of Deadly, Toxic Leak or Leak’s ?
    The Hadron Collider – has the capacity to created harmful matter – even a doomsday senario. Every time they have fired it up it has exploded & needed repairs.
    Are the EU leaders trying to hide something – to avoide concequences.

    • The LHC does not have the capacity to destroy this earth(or blow up geneva or radiate the area….) if you truly have questions about this as someone who has worked at CERN Ill gladly explain away your worries.

      As for the invitation part. There was no such thing. Merkel never invited anyone, she just refused a fixed ceiling(because its useless, people wont stop coming just because we decide one day that from now on the quota is reached). She also advocated closing of the external schengen borders almost from the start, that jsut takes more time then building a few fences. Mark my words in a few years the med(all of it not jsut the aegean) will be sealed shut, because sadly that about the only thing most european governments agree on.

    • Let’s go back to the beginning. Syrian refugees have been coming to Greece and elsewhere since the beginning of the war as ISIS & NATO bombed out their cities and town. Then suddenly last summer there was a flood because (1) Turkey opened its camps and (2) there was organized help from NGOs in Asia to send refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq also.

      The questions are who gave that signal, who organized it and to what purpose?

      Still today it is NGOs who are organizing the refugees here and in Europe.