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EU has wasted millions of euro in “chaotic” projects for Migration

These EU Court of Auditors must be “killing” the European Union and the funds distribution. Especially when it comes to Humanitarian Aid. a blistering report issued by the European Court of Auditors found out that the EU wasted millions in “migrant aid” with “chaotic and bad managed” projects. These projects were aiming to halt migration.

The Telegraph: EU wastes migrant aid millions with ‘chaotic and badly managed’ projects

European Union aid to halt migration is so poorly managed that Jean-Claude Juncker’s officials are unable to say how much has been spent, a scathing report has found.

The finding by the European Court of Auditors came as leaders gathered in Brussels to haggle over €6 billion of aid to Turkey.

An estimated €1.4 billion of EU overseas aid was spent in countries such as Algeria, Georgia, Moldova, Morocco and Ukraine on Europe’s periphery in order to halt migration between 2007 and 2013. But the report warned the projects are poorly designed, badly managed, chaotically supervised and, as a result, are often ineffective.
A €3 million project in Georgia to help deported migrants found permanent jobs for just 83 people out of a target of 700, while just 13 migrants used temporary accommodation designed for 180 people.

The Auditors found that €20 million worth of projects to deport migrants back to the EU’s neighbouring states are “having little impact”.

It also warned that the EU is paying only lip-service to human rights concerns. “Respect for human rights, which should underpin all actions, remains theoretical and is only rarely translated in practice.”

Ukraine example

EU-funded projects in “awful” Ukrainian detention centres contained no training on compliance with international human rights law, despite the treatment of detainees being “repeatedly criticised” by international organisations.

In a major accounting error, some 54 four-wheel drive vehicles for the Ukrainian border service was incorrectly labelled as falling under “public sector and administrative management policy”.

Despite being a major piece of the EU’s foreign policy, the EU has “no precise data” on spending to halt migration due to leaving the auditors to piece together its own assessment from EU accounts. It was “impossible to determine total expenditure”, the report’s authors said. Overall, there is “no clear strategy”. (full article here)

Also the EU Task Force for Greece had brought little efficiency, the EU Auditors found out. But that’s subject of another report.

PS it’s always a temptation when one deals with money one does not own.

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  1. The EU was always, but has now become primarily, a political construction. This means that there is no economic or financial rationale for policies, or evaluation of effectiveness. Moreover, in recent years (the last decade or more) it has become more and more at odds with legal requirements — always concerned with how things look, and not at all bothered with how things really are.
    Basically, the EU needs radical reform — a good kick up the pants. Instead, our nationalistic brain-cell deficient politicians are determined to carry on as before, with the exception of other idiots (such as the UK’s Cameron) who want to remain part of the EU while actually having next to nothing to do with it. With such “brilliant” minds running the show, it should not be a surprise that everything is going badly wrong — from economic development to managing a refugee crisis.