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EU staff in Greece by March 28th, Readmissions to Turkey as of 4. April

Nobody could deprive the EU staff form celebrating the Catholic Easter. Therefore 2,300-4,000 people are expected in Greece by March 27th 2016.  Asylum case workers, interpreters, judges, return officers and security officers, staff from EU EU agencies (FRONTEX, EASO and Europol), 400 policemen from France and Germany but also 100 asylum experts staff from Berlin.

They will all come to Greece and get a chair in the hot spots of the magnificent   Greek islands and start separating the new arrivals of refugees and migrants in those who need “International protection” and those who do not.

Needless of their needs they will all be shipped on Frontex vessels and back to Turkey: first the “irregular migrants”, second the Syrian of the 1:1 scheme.

I still have not understood what will happen with asylum seekers who are not Syrians but I am overwhelmed by the European Union’s creative ambiguity – maybe the EU officials have been infected by “Varoufakis virus” after the 6-month negotiations of last year.

I also do not understand, how long these 4,000 will remain in Greece.

Berlin declared today for one more time that re-admissions to Turkey will start on April 4th, 2016.

One thing is clear though: the Frontex seeks 1,500 police officers and 50 re-admission officers for Greece and asks EU members to supply the staff. Currently Frontext has 743 personnel in Greece, where there should have been more than 1,000. But it’s the voluntarily basis, you know…

To tell you the truth, I am also overwhelmed by all this staff coming here. I is a huge logistics operation and much too many people coming here and play “policeman”.

PS I got the feeling I keep posting on the same thing again and again, with the only charge being some additional details and numbers.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    So masses of Greece loving – undercover – Hippies without any income can stay in hotspots for years and help the unemployed.