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Greece deploys riot police squads near Idomeni refugees camp

The tension among the refugees and migrants stuck in Idomeni camp is growing higher and higher. It looks as if they are divided in two groups: those who insist on protesting and even go so far to enforce a hunger strike among the people, hoping that the borders will be open, and those more moderate, mostly families with children to feed. It is quite possible that those leading the protests also hinder the moderate ones to move into accommodation camps across set up Greece

Despite the repeated calls by the Greek government, estimated 13,000 children, women and men are still hanging around in the cold , the rain and the appalling conditions of Idomeni.

Polykastro: Groups of migrants and refugees with their children set up a human blockade on several national roads in the North of Greece, demanding the opening of the borders. A brawl with angry motorists was averted last minute.

This morning Minister for Public Order Nikos Toskas did not exclude “limited police intervention in Idomeni.

“The situation in Idomeni is not good, tension must be diffused,” Toskas told Skai TV adding that “there might be limited police introversion, but no violence. We have to convince them/ We inform those in reception centers that they have two options: either apply for asylum or return to Turkey.”

Hours later, according to exclusive information of news website, “already 3 riot police squads have been on the way to the area and that more police units are expected to be deployed from Kilkis and the neighbor prefectures.”

Police will be deployed very near to the camp and will reportedly intervene “to protect refugees and migrants but also volunteers and NGO members.”

Tuesday evening volunteers and NGO members were in very difficult position as the protesters were hindering them to hand out food or even milk for the children. Some NGOs announced that they were withdrawing, some return in the morning.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    As Turkey is called unsafe for closing borders against refugees Greece should declare Austria, Fyrom, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, CSSR and Hungary “unsafe countries” and ask the UNHCR to do the same.
    Also Athens should check if Poland is behind the bombs in Brussels as Warsaw said today to not take in any refugees because of the terror.