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Veroia locals protest Refugees in reception center, throw pigs’ heads

A grisly scene. and a priest in bigotry crisis. Friday night in Veroia in Northern Greece a bus full with Syrian refugees arrives at the reception center. A group of locals has already gathered outside the camp to protest the arrivals.

“If they touch even a hair of the nun living alone in Prophet Ilias Monastery, there will be havoc,” the priest warns, while somebody shouts “Greece belongs to the Greeks” and others add “people have to go to their fields to work!” or “they are jihadists, we need protection!”

Why should the refugees ‘touch a hair of the nun”? Because apparently the dark corridors of the priests’ mind still live in the ages of the Holy Wars and the Crusades.

As the bus awaits at the camps’ gate, the situation gets out of controls. The “angry” locals throw several pig heads on the ground – a clearly racist action, as symbolically it means that pig’s heads pollute the area and Muslims cannot live in such polluted areas. Private Mega TV said on Saturday that “the pigs’ heads refer to presence of the Golden Dawn responsible for similar incidents outside other hot spots and reception centers.”

Φωτογραφία από

Obscurantism at it best and thus in Veroia, a city that used to be center for culture and education during the Byzantine and Ottoman times.

But the residents are angry, so angry indeed that they almost lynched SYRIZA MP Giorgos Ourzounides who was also present as the Syrian refugees arrived there. Ourzounides sought protection in the police van. Alas! Another pig head was thrown at his direction.

According to local, when the ‘angry’ locals started to withdraw, a group of anti-authoritarians arrived at the spot and delivered a half-an-hour brawl with members of right-extremists of Golden Dawn, who were already among the “angry locals.”

Speaking on Saturday morning on a live panel, Interior Minister Panagiotis Kouroublis described the priest as “the anti-Christ” adding that such behaviors insult the Church and its charity offer to the refugees. The Minister asked the Metropolit takes position, other politicians at the panel proposed “discipline measures against the priest -whose nae is Eylogios = Blessed.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    For weeks now splitting families is hidden to public by the oh-so-refugee-friendly European media disease. To cause more effect than manifest racism they’d demonstrate in German institutions as most of the refugees in Idomeni have parts of their families in Germany and it’s still legal for most of them to get families united.
    At the German embassy in Ankara families have to wait one year just to ask for a paper to fill their plea in, in the one in Athens they say it’s not their job and in Germany they let families wait up to 4 years to get united regularly.

  2. You are so fucked Greece, you have no fucking ideea. Throw out all those scum jihadis muzzies, while it is not too late. Otherwise, they will fuck you up, `couse they are savages. You are out of your mind to keepe them there ? What`s wrong with you, greek people ?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      But the European Ubermensch got all the travel-rights and is allowed to feed his brat with the blood of the world? Do your part, boycott from American Indians stolen culture like potatoes, tomatoes, paprika, coffee, corn aso, give’em back their gold and silver you’ve founded your capitalistic cancer murder-system on and burn your Santa Maria of Columbus and how about to illegalize all religions as this is the easiest way to get rid of religious bumfucks?

      • Ok, but in return they need to stop using mobile phones, cars, computers, airplanes, aspirin, anti-biotics, improved potatoes & tomatoes (and other foods), x-ray machines, MRI, etc. etc. The list of technological achievements of these evil Europeans and “not native American” goes on and on. It would be hypocritical to use these inventions.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          “In return”, are you kidding? That’s the same attitude Krauts have regarding war-reparations: “You got Euro, bailout and tourists.” Much more just would be to pay licenses, “improved” potatoes is contraband, btw but first of all Leonard Peltier must get released from illegal prison, he would make at least the first legal Prez.
          All this wouldn’t exist without inventing banks to put Indios’ Gold in, capitalism wouldn’t exist, investors wouldn’t exist and also there would be no holocaust for blood-mobiles in Congo and not to forget that the steel for cars still costs life of Indios in Brasilia, another squatter-nation.
          Slaves that used a invention called money to free themselves must have been hypocritical also.

          • I guess according to you everybody in Europe at that time was a millionaire sitting by the side of the pool….
            Life during industrialization was short and hard for the average European. Not everybody profited from colonization and the slave trade. They were ‘free’ yeah. Free to die of hunger. In the slave trade that the Arabs were longer involved in and on a much larger scale than Europeans. Europeans were also enslaved by the Arabs and the Ottomans but of course you can’t say that because slave trade is exclusively a ‘white thing’. Europeans bought African slaves from other Africans. In Africa they have been enslaving each other -and still do- for ages.

            Europeans and Americans would have invented all these things even without the colonies and the slave trade. Because all conditions were right at that moment. The Reformation paved the way for free thinking and the modern sciences. But when you say that you are a ‘white supremacist’ of course.
            Anyway, anybody so critical of Europeans and those pesky ‘not native Americans’ should stop using their inventions. It is hypocritical to do so. So Giaourti Giaourtaki, switch off you computer and internet. Stop using your smart phone. Goodbye.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            I don’t have a blood-phone because I don’t wanna get a life sentence in Den Haag for supporting smart-phone-holocaust but I guess the free world gots good luck that the millions of Africans they’ve murdered for their phoney toys are not ISIS or Lords Army related although it’s very interesting that already for the production of rubber 10 million got slaughtered in the same country.
            Free thinking like instead of having 12 Olympic gods 12 Apostles or that cars are not mentioned in the bible or any other religious comic book?
            You argue like saying read a book after burning all books

          • keeptalkinggreece

            oh dear

          • You got a computer, now don’t you? They use the same sort of components made up of the same sort of material made by the same sort of machines that go into mobile phones. Internet equipment same thing. So it is not just smart phones or blood phones as you call them. It is funny that all those keyboard warriors that complain about what is so wrong with the world and with Western society in particular like very much so to use their inventions. Computers? Internet? Smart phones? All that technology came forth out of wars and human struggle. Alas, it is that way. You didn’t pay attention during your Marxism classes? Never read that book? The world needs to go through this struggle and through capitalism in order to achieve socialist utopia where nobody anymore is slave of labor.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            My last one regarding this trollerism try to exclude critic and promoting a (racist) genocide as without genocide a cell-phone would be expensive like blood-diamonds, every 6 year old can figure that out but may dislike the slaughter but the rest of his school-life will learn to love:
            If one gots old leather boots and no money for new ones one has to walk barefoot after getting vegan? I don’t think so but I know that the delivery-car of vegan food killed many insects like bees on it’s way.
            What classes? Old school, new school, fuck school! Any socialism that is not taking into consideration that more than 90% of the world’s population is proletarian and lives in the Third World is not only an utopian idiot that believes in analyses made 150 years ago but a true believing godsucker, as ideology is religion. The proletarians in the First World that don’t take radical action against this bloodsucking are oppressors and system lackeys and to achieve this the easiest way national states are made for; they’re all so against nationalism but don’t ban national soccer teams, not to mention that it’s not fair if teams of countries with 80 million win against teams of countries with only 10 million, no wonder the rise of Nazism in Germoney came after winning the cup in 1990 and all these Pegida-fascists also fit perfect into it, it’s extreme neo-liberalism engine is still hidden.
            Commodities are also no inventions and it’s never said that people like or enjoy to use it or even own it, this are just thought-terminating clichés and has also nothing to do with the racist comment I was answering to.
            It’s also typical pleasure leftist’s identity hypocrisy, who cares more for “attitude” and “subculture”-fashion-outfit and diss activists of practice for being in jail, always leaving revolutionary movements after 2,3 years to finish their “education” and career.
            It’s the same that was told critics of capitalism and parliamentarian “democracy” to jump over the Iron Curtain, a bullshit capitalistic take it or leave it attitude after destroying all normal paths of communication, it’s the same attitude of activists that first only used internet and now only use facebook for “mobilization” and instead of squatting the Austrian embassies in their countries spread rumours in Eidomeni and this in Greece, the only country in Europe that still got some leftist practice, because it’s obvious that working class underdogs don’t have money and time for internet, in Greece more than a 1/3 of the population (without counting “illegals” in) or just don’t like it.

          • Your response is incoherent and nonsensical dribble and babbling. And you’re still using the same technology that enables the genocide in the countries that provide the minerals for this technology. You are therefore guilty by association as well. Hard to admit when your self image gets shot to pieces I guess.