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Greek police: “map of Brussels airport” in terrorist’s apartment in Athens

A computer and a memory stick with maps of Brussels’ Zaventem Airport was found in a flat in Athens where one of the suspected Paris attacks organisers was staying, Greek private Skai TV revealed on Friday. The revelation comes after the terrorist attacks in Brussels airport and metro and the links between the attackers of Brussels this week and Paris in November 2015.

According to, the computer and the USB stick were found in a flat in Pangrati district of Athens,  where Abdelhamid Abaaoud, one of the organizers of the 13 November terrorist attacks in Paris, was staying in January 2015. Abaaoud was killed in an police operation in Paris after the attacks.

Greek police had raided the apartment in Pangrati and another one in Sepolia suburb of Western Athens after a request by their Belgian colleagues in Brussels.

Citing Greek police sources, Skai reports that

“All findings in Pangrati and Sepolia raids were sent to Belgium without the Greek to have investigated them.”

“The attitude of the Belgian authorities is seen as problematic then as early as January 2nd, 2015,  requested from the Greek authorities to investigate a person who was using a telephone – with signal from Pangrati – to coordinate a jihadists’ cell in  Vervries, [Belgium], while they were that this person was Abaaoud.

From then until January 15, when Greek police finally located the apartment, the terrorists had time to hide his whereabouts.

The Greek authorities raided Abaaoud’s apartment on January 17th and detained an Algerian named Omar Damash who was deported to Belgium – as well as another man of Syrian origin.

Ten days later the Belgians informed their Greek colleagues that the “Syrian” was in fact French and was labeled as “jihadists’ recruiter in Europe.”

There is information, however “not confirmed” that the “Syrian”/French was Reda Kriket, who was arrested by French police in Paris on Thursday.”

Belgian news agency Belga reported on Saturday that it was unable to verify this information with the Belgian prosecutor’s office. However, some Greek television channels said that “Belgian authorities dismissed this report.”

About the operation in Athens Greece see also Greek and Belgian police were seeking Abaaoud in Athens in January 2015.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    It seems like authorities make a lot of mistakes they normally don’t make regarding normal terrorism, they must think that left-wing “terrorism” is a much bigger danger, even under Marshal Law like in France there is so much more information the media gets. This goes even that far that the “mastermind” can send messages just via his published attitude to cooperate or not but would it be a lefty they’d construct an anarchist “boss” they have to censor.

  2. very believable, not.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Just like all leaks of a leak and like always the Austrian version is very special, if people only read their headlines it’s sounding like Greek police is responsible for the bombs but as Le Monde was also speaking about an airport last week… The same experience Ankara makes right now, without enough information it sounds just like Turkey was sending these terrorists and while it’s already official Turkish version that one of the bombers was arrested and deported for being IS the European media keeps on reporting for days that he was only known as a brutal gangster. Or for the other one Belgian authorities accused in their press-briefing Turkey for informing too late and two days later it was the Belgian police in Ankara smoking too much pot but end of the day everybody might have learnt why any stoner with an ounce of weed gets arrested much faster.