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Brussels Attacks – Media: at least 2 suicide bombers in Italy & Greece in summer 2015

Khalid El Bakraoui, the suicide bomber of metro station Maelbeek in Brussels last tuesday, has allegednyl traveled form Belgium to Greece through Italy in summer 2015. According to Italian broadcaster Sky Italia that got access to several documents:

“Khalid El Bakraoui arrived in Italy at 8.25 in July 23th 2015 at the airport of Treviso with a Ryanair flight from the Belgian capital. he had bought the ticket with the credit card of another man: Abderahman Benamor. At the check-in he used a Belgian ID. He spent the night in a hotel close to the airport Marco Polo in Venice. The next day, July 24th he got on a Volotea flight at 6 am. The flight destination was Athens, Greece.

A week later, Salah Abdesalam [the terrorist and key suspect to have organized the Paris attacks who was arrested in Brussels before the Brussel attacks last Tuesday] had arrived to Greece using the ferry route Bari, Italy – Patras, Greece.

Questioned by the Belgian authorities, Abdeslam said he did not know the El Bakraoui brothers. However, the apartment of Forest in Brussels where he was arrested was rented by Khalid el Bakraoui. And then there’s another fact. Also in Greece, in Athens, a house was inhabited by the master-mind of the Paris attacks  Abdelamid Abaaoud, a childhood friend of Abdeslam. In the house, the map of  Zaventem airport was found. In the Brussels airport it was Khalid’s brother, Ibrahim, who blew himself.”

What is interesting in Sky Italia report is that also Greek police auhtorities seems to have hints that at least one of the El Bakraoui brothers has been in Greece.

Greek website, reported on Saturday:

“Abdesalam traveled from Bari in Italy to Patras in Greece on August 1st 2015 together with a 27-year-old Ahmer Dahmani, a Belgian of Moroccan origin. Abdelsalam returned to Italy on August 5th, while Dahmani stayed in Greece. However he was arrested in Antlaya, Turkey, two days after the Paris attacks in November.” notes further that “Abdesalam returned to Italy together with Najim Laachraoui [one of the terrorists who blew themselves in Brussels airport], who was using a passport with the name of Soufiane Kayal. “On August 6th, their car got a traffic police fine in Veneto region in NE Italy. Next time their traces are traced is on September 9th at the borders between Austria and Hungary. A third man, Samir Bouzid was with them. Bouzid was killed at the police operation in Brussels’ Forest.”

*some of the names might be written wrong as they have been translated from Greek.

More information about the terrorists’ passage via Italy also in WallStreetJournal.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    “who blew himself”, this media-language is really crazy, the German Wings pilot only committed suicide in the Alps also and the air-plane in Ukraine just crashed and may be it’s better to not get used to the names of this scumbags that have no balls to kill themselves alone. A photo and a number makes more sense, or better take a letter to not have a number one on the lists of the most famous godsuckers.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      the pilot did not wear a vest loaded with explosives= find the difference

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        He murdered much more and faster and had the mercy to not leave any bad wounded behind?
        In 90% of the reports about him they also refer to as suicide and/or crash and not as mass-murder, I’m failing to see as if there must be many more incidents like this happen(ed) and on trial all terrorists will end up in madhouses as religion must be some hallucination; I knew too many people with suicidal tendencies but not any was like this, not even they wanted to kill the doctors they’d ask senselessly can you please abort me? I’m too naive, sorry but suicide failures look different

  2. Talk on the street is that these are not terrorist attacks but VESTED INTERESTS OPPOSED TO the European Union.
    That these acts art in fact, a retaliation to the EU Group’s attack on the Wealthy & Powerful of Europe.
    That mercenary assistance has been hired by the Wealth & Power of Europe & this includes vested interests in Great Britiain who want the dissolution of the European Union.
    Who will not allow their assets & station in life be taken over by the greedy bankers of Europe.
    If this is the case, then this is a war between the Wealth & Power of Europe & the greedy banking cartels of the European Union who want to swallow up EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT NAILED DOWN
    Good Luck Everyone.