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EU deal bill: Greece to accelerate asylum procedures, to not explicitly recognize Turkey as “safe country”

Acceleration of asylum procedures and upgrading Migration Department into General Secretariat are the key points of the bill Greece will submit to the Parliament for approval. These changes are necessary for the implementation of the EU-turkey deal. However, as we reported last week, Greece does not include in the bill the recognition of “Turkey as a safe third country” – a point that will exclude some of refugees and migrants to be send back to Turkey. The bill also will not explicitly recognize other countries as “safe third countries”.

Instead, the bill refers to the criteria of the EU Directive for Asylum procedures.

According to the bill examination of asylum applications will be accelarated and are expected to not exceed 14 days, appeal included.

 Deputy Minister of Defense and head of the Coordinating Management Body of Refugee Crisis, Dimitris Vitsas, told private Star TV on Monday evening, that

 “Asylum application will be reviewed within one week, while the appeal of asylum seeker in case of rejection will be reviewed in another week.”

The needs to have more personnel dealing with the asylum procedures will be able covered through the Bill.

For faster asylum procedures the Asylum Agency will establish offices in several Greece prefectures and regions.

Minister Vistas estimated that about 20,000 refugees will remain in Greece, a number that Vitsas describes as “easily manageable” for the country.

The bill will be submitted to Parliament as “urgent” most likely tomorrow, Wednesday.

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  1. The estimate of 20,000 is ludicrously low — assuming past inflow levels. Nor do I believe that Greece — even with EU help — can possibly process asylum claims in conformity with the EU Procedures Directive in 14 days. This would be astonishingly fast for the UK or Germany, impossible for Greece.
    I would be interested to know on what basis this estimate of 20,000 is made. Written while taking a long bath, and having nothing better to do? Or based on realistic estimations of numbers and bureaucratic procedures? The lack of a scientific paper to back up the estimate suggests the bathtub procedure…

    • That’s the 6 million dollar question.
      It would be interesting to know also where the western MSM got its authoritative projections of immigration floods for 2015, 2016, 2017 also.

      However most of us can guess.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        It’s easy to count: Erdogun has started ethnic cleansing of Kurdistan and takes all Sunni refugees to settle north of the border to Syria; religious classes all poor atheists’ and Alevi kids are forced in were getting too expensive.

  2. Greece will be happy, because Latvia is donating 5 electricity generators, 2500 blankets and 1000 towels.

    This is just for the start

    • Wow. That’s going to make a HUGE difference ha ha. But it’s not your problem is it? Your problem is the huge Russian war machine massed on your borders with the single intention of destroying meaningless little Latvia.

      • Latvia was a prospering part of prospering Russian Empire. The problem of Mr Putin is that his today’ s country is a piece of shit compared with Imperial Russia.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          And if the “communists”, “democrats” and monarchist bastards wouldn’t have killed the real (machnovist) revolution in Ukraine and Russia between 1917 and 1922 none of it would exist, no states at all and may be even in the whole world no states of all.