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Idomeni: Angry farmer plows field with tractor among refugee kids and tents (video)

A local farmer had enough from refugees and migrants in Idomeni, got on his tractor and started to plow his field amid tents, kids and adults. “I have waited long enough. I understand the people here, but I have to live,” farmer Lazaros Oulis told local media. He owes 72 acres of agricultural land around the camp where that hosts some 12,000 people.

Sayting that it is plowing time, Oulis said “I give a deadline of a couple of days. The state pushes me away from my own field,” adding that if the problem persists, he and other farmers in the area will hold a protest rally on Saturday morning.

Farmer Oulis stopped plowing his field after the intervention of police.

According to private Skai TV, the farmer claimed that he has not received any compensation by the Greek state and that also other farmers have been complaining about the situation.

“It is not clear, whether the farmer has been indeed angry about the income losses or whether he is serving some other [political] purposes,” Skai reporter commented.

The farmer is allegedly also the owner of a canteen nearby, which for some reason -it was impossible to understand – was closed.


When in live streaming with Alpha TV, the news presenter asked him later in the day: “Why didn’t he complain about his field, when the canteen was in operation in winter and he had income from there” the farmer got really angry and told him to “Go F…!”

And the story is getting better: the canteen owner was selling food stuff and other goods to thousands of refugees and migrants at Idomeni without issuing receipts! It was the only canteen in the area.

I suppose, he was fined or the canteen was closed after the Finance Ministry sent financial Crimes Units(SDOE) in Idomeni last month to make controls whether vendors were exploiting the refugees.


PS the problem is that even if Oulis plows his field, will something be able to grow when people keep walking on the field?

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  1. These illegals should go back to Syria. The war is nearly over thanks to Russia. And the afghanis and pakis should go back to their countries. They are not refugees. They are economic refugees. As for the farmer he has work to do to pay taxes to Syriza cronies.some people in Greece have to work, unlike the lazy Syriza leftist

    • If they are genuine refugees (which nearly all Syrians, and most Iraqis and Afghans are) then they are not illegal migrants. That is the law of Greece, of the EU and international law. I suppose you think your opinion counts for more than the law — and you have the right to dismiss them as “illegals”, implying that their very existence is illegal.
      From my point of view, it is your comment that is illegal and should not be allowed to appear anywhere. That is not to say that I will condemn the farmer with the problems on his land, but those problems are caused by the failure of the European countries to conform to the law, allocate resources and handly the refugee situation. It is not the fault of people fleeing war and violence.