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Research: 5% of 55,000 Greek millionaires migrated in 2015

Difficult times for Greek princes and princesses… ehm… for millionaires, I mean. From a total of 55,000 Greek millionaires in 2014, 3,000 hit the road of migration last year seeking for a better future in other countries and atmospheres. According to a global research about “Millionaire Migration for 2015“,  the majority of these 3,000 rich migrants moved to USA and UK.

The city of Athens with 22,000 millionaires suffered an outflow of 2,000, that is shocking 9%. The Greek capital follows Paris, Rome and Chicago.

Reasons for the Greeks to leave Athens are given as “Economic slump, migration crisis with Syria/Turkey.”

It is apparently the largest percentage of millionaires who left their home-country in 2015 and thus the largest percentage worldwide.

When millionaires leave country this is a bad sign characterized with money outflow, loss of jobs, taxes and revenues,  Recearch scienstists comment.

And who is a Millionaire? The one who has net assets of at least 1,000,000 USD – primary residence excluded.

PS Don’t shed a golden tear, guys & girls!  These 3,000 are just 5% of the Greek millionaires. We still have 52,000 millionaires who have faith in economy and are not scared of the Syrian Migration. 🙂

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  1. How nice to be a millionaire. Sad for the millions that are not. Me included. Under the poverty line.

  2. To avoid prosecution?