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IMF comments on WikiLeaks, Greece’s PM sends letter to Lagarde

The International Monetary Fund did not dismiss the WikiLeaks transcript of a conversation between IMF Europe Desk, Poul Thomsen and IMF’s Greek program responsible Delia Velculescu. Speaking to Washington correspondent of Greek state broadcast Lena Argiri, an IMF source said:

…and repeated the usual stuff:

In an e-mailed statement the IMF said it did not comment on leaks or “supposed reports of internal discussions”. “We have stated clearly what we think is needed for a durable solution to the economic challenges facing Greece — one that puts Greece on a path of sustainable growth supported by a credible set of reforms matched by debt relief from its European partners,” it added.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sent a letter to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde demanding an explanation.

In his letter, Tsipras addresses Lagarde with hand-written “Dear Christine” and expresses “his deep concern about the positions of IMF officials with key roles in Greek program” and asks whether the positions expressed in the WikiLeaked transcript “reflect the official IMF view.”

PM Tsipras stresses that “using a credit event as a means” to put pressure on Greece and other EU members “is clearly beyond the bounds of the negotiation process”. With reference to the two IMF official, -and primarily Poul Thomsen – The Greek Prime Minister expresses doubts on whether negotiations can continue “in good faith” and “trust” with IMF officials expressing such views.

Christine Lagarde is not currently in Washington.

In the parallel universe of surreal Greece, members of New Democracy insist on knowing who and why bugged the teleconference between Thomsen and Velsulescu. They even ask WikiLeaks to name its “source” and point out that some Greek was behind the leaks as the name Poul Thomsen is misspelled, then “everyone who speaks English knows the correct spelling is “PAUL. Yes, it was one of ND vices who pointed that out – and to think he had negotiated with the IMF & Thomsen when he was Health Minister!!!

PS Paul Me Around the Clock in this country of lunatics.

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  1. To he’ll with EU and IMF criminals. All the corrupt oligarch Greek politicians from ND,Pasok,Syriza,Potami, need to be rounded up and trialed for treason against the Greek nation. Sooner Syriza collapses the better for Greece. Greece needs to get out of EU, NATO and create military alliance with RUSSIA and China. To hell with EUROABIANS and to hell with Brussels Belgistan.